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Sometimes we get involved in things that really turn out differently than what we anticipated or imagined.  The following blog post is included here as evidence of that, and I would strongly recommend that, if you have the stomach for it, please take the time to listen to the "show"...her last one as she is now campaigning (archive Sept. 15 2011)...and come to your own conclusions.  The complete distortions, lies, slanders and twisting of facts are a symptom of a greater problem than just this one individual, Leah Lax, and her two cohorts.  This seems to be a condition prevalent in the vast majority of Democrats and liberals, and is stunning.  I never knew she was this unhinged at first, nor were others that found out later just how bad it really is.  I'm bringing this out now because it just really ticked me off to be libeled like she is doing, and most particularly the Patriots Union and JB Williams, Dale Robertson and Tea Party.org, and other Patriots and Tea Parties she erroneously claims to have "left" because of our racist/ Nazi/ Christian/zealot ways: 

I've never been called a Nazi before, until tonight, that I'm aware of, or a homophobe, and then closet-homosexual BECAUSE I'm a homophobe.  Son-of-a-bitch, yeah, heard that before.  I've heard the entire Tea Party movement called Nazi's before, and I heard it again tonight from a Class A nutcase that is running for President on the Democrat Ticket. She also had  some choice words about JB Williams and the Patriots Union, and also my wife who never said anything more than "Hey Leah, how are ya?" (Transcripts of email between her and JB regarding Patriots Union membership to be released shortly...a VERY interesting read!)   Dale Robertson of Tea Party.org and his new "True Tax" plan is another "Communist Manifesto."  Along with the claims of "Teabaggers" and that this is not a Christian nation, and all the usual crap we hear on a daily basis from the far left, is incredible vitriol coming from someone who is running for President.  Please don't take my word for it.  Listen to the completely unhinged rant right here, in her own words:

This is a very dangerous person, and I doubt she has one chance in hell of getting elected to anything, including room-leader of the institution she belongs in, but it's become apparent that this needs to be made certain, as she is an official candidate and is raising money. 
I have never written or published anything negative or untrue about this person.  I am not starting now...just bringing out the truth as it has occurred.
I've been accused of stalking, harassment, sabotage, and all manner of things from this vile individual, I have been threatened with lawsuits, as have also been a number of organizations she was once affiliated with, which she then deemed all by herself to be evil and against her after she subjected them to slanderous and untenable rants.
Got the documentation to prove it, LEAH. 
So let me be as clear as I possibly can here...apparently this individual, Leah Lax, does not realize that she is now a public figure, in the public eye as a candidate for a public office (the Presidency), and is not eligible for the same protections afforded a private citizen.  The complete misrepresentation of facts by Leah Lax regarding Tea Party.org,a number of organizations and other everyday persons is an affront to decency, a complete slanderous smear  unwarranted by any facts whatsoever, as I have all the correspondences which I will release.
Ms. Lax has a very disturbing tendency towards some of the worst that resides in the darkest corners of the human heart.
Play your little tapes, Leah.  I urge you to. They're all available at the LINK CITED ABOVE.  You are a complete liar, a traitor to your "cause",  the Jewish people and all patriotic Americans by your outrageous statements and unwarranted accusations.
You obviously understand nothing about any Tea Party organization or the movement itself, or the issues that these, and other Patriot movements address.  You never "left" the Tea Party or Patriots Union... you were removed because of your caustic accusations and unwarranted threats of legal action, and continued unhinged behavior.  
What I see is the same lunacy and degradation evident in the Democrat Party today.  This is Debbie Wasserman Shultz off-camera with a fifth of Scotch...
By the way, Keith, the Tea Party has ALWAYS BEEN many different organizations without a cohesive central structure that is readily identifiable.  That's the beauty of it.  You people don't have a damn clue.  Good riddance to bad rubbish is the kindest thing I can say to all of you.
You don't have chutzpah, Leah, you have a serious mental disorder made worse by a very bad temper.
And Merlin, with no disrespect intended, go back home to the chains that bind you there to your Queen.  We don't need your kind of help here, at least as represented thus far.
God Bless the United States of America.
So there you have it, friends.  I'd like to invite everyone to welcome Leah Lax to the world of Presidential Politics, and reality in general.  Her show may have ended last night, but that mouth full of slanderous lies will never stop.  Listen to the link above for a general idea.  


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