The Lyndon Johnson Great Society legislation and the massive Government bureaucracy it has created going forward, has finally born the fruit it was planted to sow 47 years ago. The extortion by the permanent welfare state is now in full blossom and the takers now outnumber the makers, the producers are now the “minority” in this country.

There are underlying conditions that extortion creates that destroy the payer as well as the payee. The payer obviously suffers the financial loss of money’s that were earned by producing in an open market economy. They also suffer the loss of dignity because they see that their production is only valued as long as it supports those who produce nothing. Their self esteem and self worth are diminished as they watch the fruit of their labor being treated with disdain and indignation, as if it is a penance for working hard and sacrificing.                      

The underlying factors that they put forth to create success bear no justification of that success, “ You didn't build that business” is the overwhelming mentality of the unproductive moocher class that has become the supplicant to all government hand outs. In their minds you are only successful because of reasons that are unjust in theirs. You stole it, you inherited it, you were the beneficiary of a state funded government program that allowed your success to happen. There is NO success if that govt. road didn’t exist or you weren't educated in a govt. school, or the over bearing over reaching govt. regulations provided a level playing field which allowed you to be successful.

From the Lips of the Commie in Chief!

The Marxist mentality of only the govt. can create prosperity for all by taking from those that can and giving to those that can’t or more correctly WON’T does create equality of outcome but not the one they profess, it breaks the will of the producers. This is now being demonstrated by how many producers are scaling back or even shutting their business’ down and looking for alternative opportunities to produce wealth and JOBS in other parts of the world or altogether getting out and staying out until this hits critical mass in the next few months to few years. There is no avoiding it, it is the desired outcome from the application of the democrats economic implosion principles as outlined by Marx in “Das Kapital” and other’s like Cloward / Pivens..

The flip side of course is even more distressing and is an even greater insight into the mentality that now permeates half of the population of this country. The govt. welfare state and the 50% of American households that now receive some form of govt. support. The most upsetting part of this societal shift and the greatest loss it has created is that it has successfully integrated a shift in the recipients perspective that it is a badge of honor now to say you are taking from someone else because you believe you deserve it because the govt. told you, you deserve it. From multi-generational welfare brood mares with their grandmothers indoctrinating their granddaughters into the welfare system; to:

I think this says it all!

And the saddest part of what is in this video is this person and millions like her derive their self worth by stealing from others to support their life style. They have no core value system other than one of you owe me, created from their lifetime of participation in govt. entitlement programs and the dependency mentality it creates. THEY ARE SLAVES AND DON”T EVEN SEE IT, OR AS LONG AS NOTHING IS REQUIRED OF THEM OTHER THAN THEIR VOTE EVERY 2 TO 4 YEARS THEY ARE WILLING TO SELL THEIR FREEDOM FOR A FREE RIDE.

This is a pathetic statement on what has been destroyed by progressive liberal policies and Democrat politics and what it has reduced the last few generations of Americans to, whining leaches with no understanding of the values of self worth, self determination and the self esteem created by ones productive efforts that are both emotionally and financially rewarded in a free market economy.

There was a long standing business management philosophy that people work as much for the self esteem of a job well done as the paycheck they received. I am sure that it is now an antiquated philosophy based on generational shifts from I will to who will for me. I am appalled every day when I see the constant bombardment of lies and false narratives that the leftist’s in this country in politics, academia, media, and journalism dump onto America like a tsunami and it is actually believed by a majority of the population. It is a sad state of affairs when the American population is lied to with regularity and they are either too stupid or too disengaged too say enough: and stand up and fight back.  It just is another re-enforcement to the success of the indoctrination policies that the liberal progressives have perfected for 100+ years.

And that is what has happened because of the extortion of welfare and the economic bondage it created has led to the loss of freedom, self esteem and the value of self worth. They are now on life support.                                                                                                                        

And as more generations of  older Americans pass away and the values that we were taught by our parents and NOT THE NANNY STATE CRADLE TO GRAVE GOVT. that now exists in America disappear, so does Freedom and Justice For All.


In Freedom,                                                                                                                                                                 

(while it lasts)

Dr. Keith C. Westbrook Ph.D                                                                                                                                   

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