Welcome Rabbi Dr. Katherine H.

To: Rabbi Dr. Katherine H.

My name is Bob Casper and I am a tea party patriot and a member of the California Tea Party. First things first welcome aboard, and how would you like us to address you (Dr Katherine, Rabbi, or...)  and thank you for assuming the California State Tea Party Directorship.

What I would like to know what are your view points and key goals of this establishment. My one and only goal is to remove President Obama from office. Another term and he will have completely destroyed the United States of America. The problem at hand is not Newt, Rick, Mitt, or Ron Paul. Any of them will suite our purpose in the end. It will not be perfect, but it will be light years a head of where we are today. So no more bad mouthing the GOP candidates. We need to up hold them all and only focus of the conservative advancement we are seeking in this years election, with the primary being the eviction of Barrack Obama out of the White House along with all of his socialist czars.

The second and highly necessary objective is to take over the U.S. Senate. We need to get rid of Harry Reid as the majority leader! We need all three branches if we hope to turn this mess around. We need to downsize government, bring back more and more social programs back into the States, and let them govern through these progresses at the State level and let the people at the State level control the fraud and abusing going on.

Let me get one thing very straight! Social Security and Medicare are not welfare or entitlement programs. They were pay by the people to off set retirement and medical cost as they age. While they were never intended to defer or offset all of the costs, they were to be there to ease the process of retirement when income is fixed and unexpected bill would come in. The people paid for this insurance policies to get through the tough time. Both of these programs were to be put in trust funds and they were not! The Federal Government stole this money from the tax payers and never returned. Now the federal government is allowing illegal aliens to steal from it also.

Welfare and food stamps are entitlement programs, the Federal Government was not put in place to provide these entitlements. The States and the communities and churches were put in place to help these people through their charitable contributions. This was a help hand up not a hand out. In the bible the Apostle Paul spokes about that each one should be responsible for them self and work for pay; unless they had physical or mental disabilities that would prevent them from working. It was the communities, churches, and charitable organization were there to provide for these individuals.

So if, I may address you as Katherine, are these your objectives, to get the Country back to this type of governing?

Warm regards,

Bob Casper


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  • Bob you got my vote, were talking the same thing. God Bless

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