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Israel Rises in the East
by Caroline Glick
 liar-Clinton's Emails Devastated U.S. Intelligence  In keeping an unsecured email server in her basement, liar-Hilly Clinton endangered national security in more than one way. Of the 55,000 emails released by the State Department, 47 of them contained information about CIA personnel or information about the agency sensitive enough to mark as classified. Because the State Department had to explain why it redacted information when it publicly released liar-Clinton's emails, anyone that has the original emails knows who the CIA contacts are. And, for example, when the U.S. government planned a drone strike in Pakistan, the classified information would make it onto liar-Clinton's server to give her the opportunity to comment. Such topics should have been discussed over a secure network, but using an unsecure email was convenient for liar-Clinton and her diplomats. Remember the fact that liar-Clinton handled secrets in the Special Access Program? Those beyond-Top-Secret operations will probably have to be shut down because liar-Clinton endangered people aiding U.S. intelligence the world over.
          "Secretary liar-Clinton has been seeing this kind of thing for a long time," an ex-military-intelligence operative
told National Review. "If she is competent to handle major decisions, if she is the highly capable person she claims to be, she would know what all this material was, without having some label stating it was secret. If, on the other hand, someone could put reports in front of her describing these various things, again and again, without the appropriate labels, and she was not smart enough to recognize that this material was from classified sources, then she isn't competent to be the president, or a departmental secretary. Or, of course, this is all lies. There are no other options."
          Meanwhile, hackers and foreign governments probably know the identities of those members of the CIA. They know details about the Special Access Programs. They know details about America's drone strikes. "Nobody is going to die" because of liar-Clinton's emails, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright dismissively insisted last week. But if members of the intelligence community died, would the government ever admit that fact? This is why everyone from the lowest analysis to the secretary of state follows protocol — to keep Americans safe. This is why the FBI's investigation isn't just a "security review."  -The Patriot Post
 nObama Finally Endorses liar-Clinton 
In a video posted to YouTube, Barack nObama officially endorsed liar-Hilly Clinton Thursday. What a profile in courage: Wait until after the primary is effectively over and one candidate has collected enough delegates. Gutsy call right there. "So I want those of you who've been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey," he said, "to be the first to know that I'm with her." As if anyone didn't already know that...
          But nObama's main concern was uniting a Democrat Party that just hasn't gelled the way party elites wanted after liar-Clinton became the presumptive nominee. He complimented Bernie Sanders for running "an incredible campaign," one that brought young people into the "progressive" camp on the issues of income inequality and money in politics. "Embracing that message is going to help us win in November," nObama said. "But more importantly, it'll make the Democratic Party stronger, and it will make America stronger. ... And if we all come together in common effort, I'm convinced we won't just win in November, we'll build on the progress that we've made and we will win a brighter future for this country that we love." Is it any surprise that liar-Clinton was nObama's pick to build on his legacy?
          On a more important note, nObama's endorsement almost surely insulates liar-Clinton from the force of law. "Now that President nObama has formally endorsed his former Secretary of State for President," writes National Review's Dan McLaughlin, "it's no longer possible for him — or a Justice Department directly answerable to him — to rule impartially on whether she or her close associates should be indicted over her mishandling of classified emails." Talk about a conflict of interest. nObama's endorsement of the utterly corrupt liar-Clinton further tarnishes his already bad legacy, as does his failure to appoint a special prosecutor with his next breath.
          As for Sanders, the curmudgeon isn't quite ready to call it quits. He met with nObama before the video dropped, and the ol' socialist said he'd work with liar-Clinton to fight liar-Trump — but that he'd still participate in the DC primary. Soon, he said he'd speak with liar-Clinton about "how we can work together to defeat Donald liar-Trump and to create a government that represents all of us and not just the 1%." The 74-year-old candidate is dialing it back, but he won't shut it down until he knows his ideas have pushed the party even further left. -The Patriot Post



Final Rules Disclosed for How Social Security Admin.
Plans to Disarm Its Beneficiaries
by Bob Adelmann
{} ~ Final rules on how the Social Security Administration (SSA) plans to prohibit its beneficiaries from owning firearms were published in early May, but it took several weeks for observers parsing the 41-page document to realize its implications for the Second and Fifth Amendments... It was sold as impacting, on an annual basis, only about 75,000 beneficiaries receiving disability benefits, or 0.11 percent of the 65 million people already receiving checks from the system. This was to counteract the initial impression that the new rules would prohibit more than four million citizens from owning firearms because of mental health issues. As expressed by Alan Zarembo, writing for the anti-gun Los Angeles Times a year ago, “The push is intended to bring the Social Security Administration in line with other laws regulating who gets reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Check Systems (NICS) … which is used to prevent gun sales to felons, drug addicts, immigrants in the country illegally, and others.”...
Islam’s Mixing Of State And Religion Shapes Western Interaction With Middle East
by John Grady
Brookings Institution senior fellow Shadi Hamid
{} ~ Brookings Institution senior fellow Shadi Hamid argues in a recently released book that modern political and military actions involving Islam and Islamic countries are complicated by a general misunderstanding of the religion – and in particular the intertwined nature of state and religion... Hamid said June 9 at the Washington, D.C. think tank that “Islam is fundamentally different than other religions.” The reason: Unlike the origins of other religions, the Prophet Mohammed was also “a politician and a head of state.” Hamid argues in his book, “Islamic Exceptionalism: How the Struggle over Islam is Reshaping the World,” that from the very beginning of Islam in the sixth century politics and religion “were meant to be intertwined.”...
U.S. Marines Amass Forces, Prepositioned Gear For Saber Strike 16 With NATO Allies
by Megan Eckstein
Military vehicles wait pier side in preparation of Exercise
{} ~ Ground forces from 13 nations are rehearsing in Latvia and Estonia amassing a large-scale force for a future crisis... from loading prepositioned equipment from caves in Norway onto a ship, to organizing the force in theater, to launching an assault. The 13 NATO countries participating in the annual Saber Strike 16 exercise – including both Army and Marine Corps forces from the United States – will include both the command and control side of planning a multinational strike as well as live-fire assaults. This collective capability to move and conduct operations together is important for regional security and proves the importance and the effectiveness of the U.S./NATO alliance, according to several Marines. “Operation Saber Strike has been a massive logistical undertaking...
A Missionary Trap in Jerusalem's Old City?
by Ryan Jones
{} ~ Ultra-Orthodox Jewish anti-missionary groups were up in arms last week after a number of fellow Israeli Jews visited Christ Church, the oldest Protestant Church in the Middle East, during the annual Jerusalem Light Festival... The Light Festival, which draws a large number of Israeli families, begins at the Jaffa Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City. Christ Church is situated just inside the gate, and opposite the Tower of David. Given its prominent location along the Light Festival route, Christ Church was the backdrop for some of the first major light displays that visitors saw...
Playing tic-tac-toe with Putin
by Leon Aron
{} ~ Among many obstacles to the West’s effort to stop the carnage in Syria and alleviate the refugee crisis, probably the largest and the hardest to overcome is a colossal disjoint in the depth and breadth of commitment to the conflict between the United States and Russia... There is little mystery as to the level of interest on the US side. Despite what you might hear, for the nObama administration, Syria is but an annoying contingency, forced on the White House by circumstances, and with no consonance whatsoever with the president’s strategic agenda. For Vladimir Putin, it is an important part of a long-term ideological and geopolitical project, rooted in deeply held beliefs, a self-imposed personal mission, and domestic political imperatives of his regime’s survival. The Russian president is not the easiest man to read. They have taught him well in the KGB Intelligence School and the Yuri Andropov Red Banner Institute (formerly the Foreign Intelligence Academy). But after 16 years of policymaking, there are at least two interrelated tenets in Putin’s credo we can be fairly certain of: ...
Stop Using the Dead In Orlando
to Push Your Agenda
by Brandon Morse
{} ~ Like everyone else in America, and even the world over, I'm equal parts angry, and heartbroken. A man walked into a night club and began shooting at innocent people... By the time he was done, 49 people were dead, with many more injured. When I saw the news break on Sunday that there was a mass shooting, my heart sunk. When I heard it was another Daesh supporter, I was filled with rage. I wanted to unite with my fellow Americans in grief, and swear vengeance on those who take credit for it. But I got online and saw none of this. In fact I saw the exact opposite. I saw people blaming Christians. I saw people blaming the NRA. I saw people blaming guns. I saw people blaming the American culture. I saw people using it to generate sympathy for this cause, or another. Sometimes using it to put the attention on themselves. What I didn't see was people uniting against a common enemy...
Orlando and radical Islam:
How you defeat an ideology
{} ~ In order to lessen the likelihood of terrorist attacks like Orlando, San Bernardino and the Boston Marathon and eliminate radical Islam as an existential threat to the United States... we must, first and foremost, defeat the prevailing Islamo-Marxist ideology within our own government and the willing accomplices who sustain it by willful blindness to the danger we face. If you are still asking the question: how can Orlando happen? Ask no more. Stated simply, it is a sad truth that there are people in national leadership positions, who don't want America to win or who don't care much if we lose, as long as they can somehow preserve their own personal power and profit. It is not a question of politics. It is an issue of patriotism. The United States faces an assault by a global conspiracy, a marriage of convenience between two totalitarian ideologies, radical Islam and the political left. They have been brought together by the traits they share; their hatred of Western civilization and a commitment to the destruction of capitalistic, Judeo-Christian-based democracy...
Why can't nObama just tell Americans the truth about the Orlando attack and radical Islam?
{} ~ The massacre in Orlando by a self-proclaimed Islamist terrorist removes any doubt that the West or its allies have contained the radical jihadi movement. You wouldn't know it by listening to President nObama... From the Oval Office on Monday, he remained unable to utter the words "radical Islam." Yet, early Sunday morning the shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS and reportedly yelled "Allahu Akbar" before opening fire. He murdered and injured more than 100 innocents in the worst Islamic terror assault on U.S. soil since 9/11. Family and friends are suffering. Their lives will never be the same. The worst aspect is that political leadership could have helped to prevent the attack by addressing the violent Islamist threat by its rightful nature...Because he is a black Muslim, himself.
It Looks Like Congress Is Poised To Fire DOZENS Of Generals
by Saagar Enjeti
{} ~ The 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) as summarized by the Senate Armed Services Committee proposes a 25 percent reduction in Generals and Admirals across the board... A summary of the bill provided by the committee states the drawdown in general officers also applies at the 3, 2, and 1 star levels. The committee reasons that “Over the past 30 years, the end-strength of the joint force has decreased 38 percent, but the ratio of four-star officers to the overall force has increased by 65 percent.” Senator Tim Kaine expressed concern over the reduction in general officers, telling, “Twenty-five percent was the number that was pulled out of thin air.” The NDAA states that the 25 percent number was agreed upon only by “careful consideration of the existing size of the general and flag officer corps in each service, as well as its unique requirements.”...
nObama 'ignoring basic law enforcement'
{} ~ Newly retired Department of Homeland Security agent Philip Haney says the nObama administration has failed to do even “Level One” policing to prevent terrorist attacks... In an interview with WND, the veteran analyst and a former member of one of the National Targeting Center’s advanced units said it “seems like even the terrorist attack in Orlando hasn’t changed anything.” “I wish that it would,” he said. “People have the saying ‘enough is enough,’ but it doesn’t seem like we’ve gotten to that point yet. I don’t know how to quantify what enough is. So far, no matter what happens, it hasn’t shifted.” He said the press conferences regarding the attack were no different than any other...


Israel Rises in the East
by Caroline Glick
{} ~ There was something poetic about the events that bookended the past week of diplomacy. This week began with French President François Hollande’s “peace” conference and ended with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s state visit to Moscow.

From the perspective of both substance and style, the contrast between the two events couldn’t have been more striking.

France hosted yet another anti-Israel diplomatic pile-on. Hollande had hoped to show that France was stepping into the void left by the US’s abandonment of its position as world leader. But all the confab served to do was show how irrational and self-destructive France – and Western Europe – has become.

Neither Israeli nor Palestinian representatives were present at the conference which aimed to dictate Israel’s final borders. Their absence made the event seem like a throwback to the era of European colonialism. It was as if Hollande wanted to reenact France’s glory days in Syria and Algeria. In his opening remarks, Hollande recycled the tired claim that the way to defeat jihad is by forcing Israel to give Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem to Islamic terrorists. The document the French Foreign Ministry circulated among participants ahead of the conference recommended setting a timetable for forcing Israel to give the PLO Judea, Samaria and large swaths of Jerusalem, for the benefit of global security.

The French planned their event before the mobs in Ramallah, Hebron, Jerusalem and Gaza publicly celebrated the cold-blooded massacre of Israeli diners at Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market on Wednesday night. But the latest massacre wasn’t necessary to show the absurdity of France’s plan to defeat jihad by empowering jihadists at Israel’s expense.

After all, Israel surrendered Gaza to the Palestinians 11 years ago. Far from ameliorating the problem of jihad – in Europe and throughout the world – the scourge of Islamic war has grown geometrically in the past decade.

France’s own recent experience shows that Hollande’s “peace” plan was a delusional.

In 2000, Muslims comprised 10 percent of the population of France.

That year, the state-owned France 2 television network invented the contemporary blood libel of Jews as baby killers with the release and dissemination of its deceptive film which purported to show IDF troops deliberately murdering Muhammad al-Dura.

The Dura libel unleashed the forces of Islamic Jew-hatred in France and throughout Europe. It paved the way for the rise in anti-Jewish violence unseen since the Holocaust. This violence in turn is causing the current exodus of Jews from France and from Western Europe as a whole.

But assaulting Jews didn’t satisfy the jihadists.

As last year’s events made clear, the state authorities’ desire to deflect Islamic extremism onto Jews – in Israel and in France – backfired.

Fifteen years after the Dura blood libel, Muslims now comprise at least 15% of France’s population, and 40% of the population of Marseilles.

And today, the same extremists who have terrorized France’s Jews for a decade and a half, have turned their guns on French society as a whole.

Last year’s Islamic killing spree, from Charlie Hebdo and Super Cacher to Bataclan made clear that as far as the jihadists are concerned, the French Jew-baiters are no different than the Jews.

Even worse, with their hatred legitimized by the Jew-baiters, France’s jihadists feel they have license to direct their rage and guns in whatever direction they choose.

If this weren’t bad enough for the likes of Hollande, despite the elites’ attempt to blame Israel for the rise of jihadist forces in France, the native French see what has happened.

Squeezed between political leaders who pretend the problem is Israel and Islamic radicals who deprive them of the freedom to live as they please without fear, public sentiment in Europe is increasingly desperate, and angry. Rather than address their concerns, Hollande and his fellow elites have sought to repress them.

Consider the case of Brigitte Bardot. The mid-20th-century French sexpot and national icon has been convicted six times in recent years for “inciting hatred.” Her crime? Bardo has written angry books and articles about what she refers to as an “Islamic invasion” that imperils the French way of life.

Rather than recognize that their own people can’t stand their games anymore, and aren’t buying their attempts to blame Israel for the rise of jihadist forces in France, Hollande’s “peace” conference was proof that he and his colleagues have chosen to double down on their anti-Israel scapegoating.

With a tailwind from anti-Israel activists posing as journalists, Hollande believed that the conference could elevate him, and hide from French voters his failure to defend his country.

The Washington Post’s editorial board joined him in this delusion. In an editorial published in the lead-up to his conference, the newspaper argued that the anti-Israel conference should serve as the opening salvo of an escalating diplomatic war against the Jewish state. The culmination of that war, the paper said, should be an anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council in the final days of Barack nObama’s presidency.

But if this is what the West’s renewed war against Israel looks like, then Israel has little reason for concern.

In the event, even Hollande’s accessories – the 29 foreign ministers including Secretary of State John hanoi-Kerry, who attended his meeting – couldn’t maintain the fiction that scapegoating Israel would secure them. In the conference’s closing statement, the most they could muster was a weak condemnation of Jewish construction on the one hand and Palestinian terrorism on the other, coupled with a call for direct negotiations between Israel and the PLO .

If this is the best they could do then it is clear that even if they do pass an anti-Israel Security Council resolution as nObama packs his bags, given the realities on the ground, the resolution will be written on water.

And if Hollande’s failed conference wasn’t humiliating enough, Netanyahu’s trip to Moscow reinforced his humiliation, and demonstrated that Europe’s embrace of anti-Semitism has done nothing for its international stature.

On Tuesday, Netanyahu arrived in Moscow for his fourth meeting with Vladimir Putin in the past six months. Unlike their other meetings, this week’s visit was both ceremonial and substantive.

Moscow and Jerusalem celebrated the 25th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic ties between Israel and the Soviet Union, which Moscow cut off after the 1967 Six Day War.

Putin lavished the honors befitting a major ally on Netanyahu. In so doing, Putin showed that Israel is anything but isolated, and far from dependent on the goodwill of European basket cases.

Europe and the American Left have seized on Palestinian grievances against Israel as proof that the solution to jihad is anti-Semitism. They have made Israel-bashing the centerpiece of their foreign policy.

In contrast, under Putin, Russia has chosen to base its foreign policy – and its bid to replace the US as the chief power broker in the Middle East – on reality.

As a result, during his meetings with Netanyahu, the Palestinians were given the attention that they deserve, as a minor nuisance.

After paying lip service to the mordant “peace process,” Putin and Netanyahu got down to business. They discussed everything from Iran’s rise in Syria to Israel’s gas industry to free trade to the approaching rapprochement between Israel and Turkey.

The distinction between the business of real statecraft for a real world as practiced by Netanyahu and Putin, and the imaginary statecraft practiced by the French and their guests, is jarring.

Putin is determined to emerge strengthened from the chaos now engulfing the Middle East, and through it, the world as a whole. As a consequence, he is embracing Israel as an ally and a trading partner.

Westerners, whose strategy for surviving the chaos is to turn a blind eye to the dangers, are targeting Israel with unwarranted and self-destructive diplomatic assaults and escalating economic warfare.

This brings us to the US – whose abandonment of its traditional role as the dominant superpower in the Middle East facilitated Russia’s rise to power.

In the twilight of the nObama era, the US is steeped in an identity crisis. The Democratic Party has been radicalized. The Republican Party is in disarray as the forces of populism and prejudice have been unleashed by Donald liar-Trump’s unforeseen rise.

Under the circumstances, and given that the disastrous legacy of nObama’s foreign policy, it is hard to see the US restoring its global leadership in the near future.

Given the intensity of Netanyahu’s discussions with Putin since the Russian leader deployed his military forces to Syria last year, many wonder if a major realignment is in the cards for Israel.

When asked about the prospect of replacing the US with Russia as Israel’s superpower patron, Netanyahu rejected the notion. He explained simply that the US is irreplaceable.

He is right. And not merely because Russia cannot supply spare parts to Israel’s F-16s.

Unlike Britain, which was seamlessly replaced by the US as the leader of the free world in the aftermath of World War II, the US has no clear successor. Moreover, despite its self-destructive tendencies, the US remains the world’s biggest economy and most powerful nation. The significance of America’s loss of the will to lead the world is not that the US will disappear. Rather, it will share the stage with other, rising, powers.

For Israel, this means that while maintaining the US as its primary strategic partner, Israel cannot continue to place all of its eggs in America’s basket. As Netanyahu is doing with Putin as well as with China and India, recognizing America’s new limitations, Israel must diminish its dependence on Washington, while developing noncompeting alliances with other powers, based on shared interests.

What Israel’s attractiveness to other world powers makes clear is that as America’s power wanes, Israel needn’t and oughtn’t seek to replace it with another superpower patron. Israel today is fully capable of fending for itself.

Putin courts Netanyahu because Israel is strong. And the stronger it is, the more leaders will beat a path to our door.

The failure of France’s “peace” conference, on the one hand, and the success of Netanyahu’s fourth visit to Moscow on the other hand, were poetic bookends of the week because they were a vivid exposition of Israel’s true diplomatic and strategic position today. Israel is neither weak nor isolated.

It is embraced by the rising powers. And the waning ones that scapegoat the Jewish state are leading their countries into economic and cultural decline and security chaos.
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