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Rand Paul calls for investigation of Dem 
senators, says they threatened Ukraine aid 
during Mueller probe
By Nick Givas 
{ } ~ An official investigation should be launched into three Democratic senators who threatened to withhold federal aid to Ukraine... if the country's prosecutor general didn't assist with the Mueller investigation, said Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., on "Fox & Friends" Monday. "The only thing consistent about the whole discussion of people threatening Ukrainian aid is that everybody seems to be doing it — on both sides," he said. " loose lips liar-Joe Biden threatened the aid and then three senators wrote a letter to the  Ukrainian government, and they said if you don't continue investigating Trump, and help the Mueller investigation, we may pull back on your aid. "We can't have two standards," Paul added. "Democrats get to threaten  Ukrainian aid and nothing happens to them. Now they want to impeach a president over this?" Paul cited the 2018 letter during a Sunday interview with "Meet the Press" and identified the signators as Sens. scumbag-Robert Menendez, D-N.J., scumbag-Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and scumbag-Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. He also lumped in loose lips liar-Joe Biden's pressure of Ukranian prosecutors to back off an investigation into his son Hunter, who was paid $50,000 a month by the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, while it was under investigation for corruption. "If you're going to condemn Trump, you  need to condemn the Democratic senators," he said Sunday. "It shouldn't just be one-sided."
scumbag-Adam Schiff Hit with Two Ethics Complaints Over 'Ukraine' Prank Call
By Joe Saunders 
{ } ~ House Intelligence Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff was looking for ammunition against President Donald Trump. But he might just have shot himself in the foot... According to Fox News, the California Democrat is the subject of two complaints filed with the Office of Congressional Ethics related to a 2017 phone conversation scumbag-Schiff had with a Russian comedian posing as a Ukrainian lawmaker. One complaint, filed last week by the conservative nonprofit group Tea Party Patriots Action, states scumbag-Schiff “used and abused his position” to “seek damaging and negative information about President Trump,” according to the report. Another was filed Aug. 28 by Republican Jon Hollis, who is seeking to challenge scumbag-Schiff for the Los Angeles-area congressional seat he has held since 2001. It accuses scumbag-Schiff of “illegal collusion with foreign entities,” Fox News reported Wednesday. Both complaints stem from a 2017 phone call scumbag-Schiff had with a Russian comedian posing as a Ukrainian lawmaker. During the call, scumbag-Schiff appeared to be very interested in getting incriminating material on Trump, including a nude photo with a Russian television reality star. However, the person on the other end of the line, who said he was Ukrainian lawmaker Andriy Parubiy, was actually Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetzov, a Russian entertainer. The fact that the phone call was fake doesn’t make scumbag-Schiff’s interest in using a foreign government to obtain damaging information about the president any less real, Hollis charged in his ethics complaint. “This letter serves as an official complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) regarding Rep. scumbag-Adam Schiff’s illegal collusion with foreign entities and misuse of taxpayer resources for opposition research on political enemies,” Hollis wrote, according to Fox. “The evidence supporting scumbag-Adam’s Schiff’s violations of the law is compelling and irrefutable.” At the time of the call, scumbag-Schiff was the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Now, he’s the committee’s chairman and playing the lead role in closed-door hearings aimed at gathering information for an impeachment case against Trump using a complaint from a “whistleblower” over a Trump phone call in July with Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky...
The Senate Voted to End Emergency 
on the Border
by Michael Cutler
{ } ~ On September 25, 2019 the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch posted a disturbing report, “Senate votes to end border emergency under which Trump redirected military funds to wall construction”... that began with the following paragraph: The Senate again approved a resolution to end President Trump’s national emergency at the southern border, with Republicans joining Democrats in a bid to prevent the president from redirecting military funds toward a border wall, though Trump was expected to veto it again. The report went on to note that the Republicans control the Senate and ended with this sentence: The vote was an unusual display of Republican rebellion against the president’s quest for his signature policy initiative, which led to the longest government shutdown in U.S. history that ended earlier this year. The Democrats refused to accept that there was a crisis on the southern border in the first place, and now the Republican-controlled Senate has voted, yet again, to “end the crisis”! What has not been determined, or reported upon, is how our politicians from either political party have come to the insane conclusion that the emergency on the treacherous southern border has ended. Certainly the “all clear” has not sounded. While President Trump has been successful in reducing the number of illegal aliens who are being apprehended by the Border Patrol along the southern border--though a number of tactics including getting Mexico to deploy their forces along the border and with other diplomatic initiatives--tens of thousands of illegal aliens continue to be apprehended by the U.S. Border Patrol each month and narcotics continue to be seized along that troubled border...   
Trump says scumbag/liar-nObama 'hiding' 
from questions about loose lips liar-Bidens and Ukraine: 'I think he knows all about it'
By Melissa Leon  
{ } ~ Former President Barack scumbag/liar-nObama has been hiding from questions about former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden, his son Hunter and Hunter's work for a gas company in Ukraine, President Trump insisted Saturday night... "I think he knows all about it," Trump said of scumbag/liar-nObama during an exclusive interview on Fox News' "Justice with Judge Jeanine."Trump once against defended his July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which has served as the catalyst for an impeachment inquiry led by House Democrats, notably House Intelligence Committee Chairman scumbag-Adam Schiff, D-Calif. "If you take a look at it, scumbag-Adam Schiff made up a phony, fraudulent statement," Trump told host Jeanine Pirro, referring to swcumbag-Schiff's self-described "parody" account of the phone call during a hearing last month. "My phone call was a perfect call -- congenial, friendly, no pressure, no blackmail, as he Zelensky said." What scumbag-Schiff did was "horrible," and he "made it up out of thin air," the president continued. "Very strong action should be taken against this guy." Trump also called "Shifty scumbag-Schiff" a "failed screenwriter" for producing a "phony, fraudulent statement." Democrats have subpoenaed several Trump administration officials and diplomats for documents as lawmakers probe issues surrounding the phone call. House Democrats have accused Trump of violating his oath of office by asked him to investigate Ukraine's involvement in the 2016 presidential election and the activities of loose lips liar-Biden, a top contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, and his son Hunter, a former board member of gas company Burisma Holdings. They have also accused Trump of withholding military aid from Ukraine until Zelensky's government could launch the investigations. The impeachment probe was launched  last month after an intelligence community  whistleblower's complaint raised concerns about the call...  
US conducted cyberattack 
on Iran following strike on Saudi oil
by ~ The United States reportedly conducted a cyberattack against Iran in the wake of last month’s strike on key Saudi oil facilities... which many Western countries have blamed on the Islamic Republic. The late September attack took aim at Tehran’s ability to spread propaganda and affected physical hardware, the Reuters news agency reported Wednesday, citing two unnamed US officials.“It highlights how US President Donald Trump’s administration has been trying to counter what it sees as Iranian aggression without spiraling into a broader conflict,” the report said. “The strike appears more limited than other such operations against Iran this year after the downing of an American drone in June and an alleged attack by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards on oil tankers in the Gulf in May.” The report did not provide more details on the attack and said it wasn’t clear whether there have since been additional US cyberattacks against Iran. The Pentagon refused to comment on the cyberattack, telling Reuters: “As a matter of policy and for operational security, we do not discuss cyberspace operations, intelligence or planning.” The September 14 attack on Saudi oil installations claimed by Yemen’s Houthi rebels damaged a third of Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure and sent global energy prices soaring. Washington, Riyadh, Berlin, London and Paris blamed Iran for the attacks, which Tehran has denied having had any connection to...  
Fox Star Breaks Silence – It Was scumbag-Soros
by ~ Fox News contributor John Solomon said on Friday that fired Ukrainian Ambassador Maria Yovanovich’s had links to a radical scumbag-Soros group... Yovanovich said in testimony on Friday that she was “incredulous” about being recalled for partisan reasons, while understanding that the president can remove any ambassador he wants. Solomon said that Yovanovich repeatedly made negative statements about the president and that Yovanovich had given Ukraine a list of people and organizations that she didn’t want to be investigated or prosecuted, including a scumbag-George Soros-funded group called AntAC. Solomon said that the anti-corruption group was funded jointly by scumbag-Soros and the State Department. He further said there was a “trail” between AntAC, scumbag-Soros and State Department officials that supervised Yovanovich. When asked about the role of foreign money in U.S. elections, Solomon pointed out that a reggae singer was just indicted for taking foreign money and laundering it into scumbag/liar-nObama’s campaign. “I don’t think it’s anything related to impeachment, the timing just makes it look suspect,” Solomon finished.
A Striking Contrast
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President Trump delivered a rousing pro-America speech at his rally in Minneapolis Thursday night!

He presented the 2020 election as a stark choice, and correctly so in my view, between those who want to preserve religious liberty, free markets, the sanctity of life, our Second Amendment rights, and our national sovereignty against those demanding open borders, abortion-on-demand, socialism, and gun control.

I was particularly struck by how the president talked at length about what it is like to be commander-in-chief. It involves regular trips to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which are rarely covered by the media. On those visits, the president sees firsthand the horrific wounds our soldiers endure. 

It involves going to Dover Air Force Base to receive the bodies of fallen heroes. It involves writing personal letters, not form letters, to every family who loses a loved one serving in the military. 

It was a side of the president people don’t see very often. When I am at the White House, I see him in a very different mood than what is presented by the media. He is a much more compassionate man than the left would like you to believe.

Sadly, there was violence after the rally ended. MAGA hats were burned. Trump supporters were assaulted. Leftists waved the flag of communist China. Police officers had to create a path for cars to leave because demonstrators were attacking vehicles in the parking garage.

It was a striking contrast. Inside the Target Center, Trump praised our brave men and women in uniform, our soldiers, and police officers. He defended our flag and our country.

Outside, the left-wing radicals, the activist base of the Democrat Party, were attacking cops, burning flags, yelling their hatred for America, and assaulting conservatives.

I’m not suggesting that loose lips liar-Joe Biden or Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren would be part of that crowd. But there’s no question which candidate that crowd would vote for come November, and it won’t be Donald Trump. Nor is that crowd ever denounced by the leadership of the Democrat Party. 

On Fox News Thursday night, a Democrat consultant was asked about the violence at the rally. Of course, he insisted it was wrong, but then proceeded to justify the violence by suggesting it was a natural reaction to Trump!

If, after any speech by a leading Democrat, a mob formed outside and began punching people and attacking cars, every network would be running the footage non-stop. Every Republican would be forced to condemn it on the record. 

But no elected Democrat today will be asked to condemn what happened on the streets of Minneapolis Thursday night. And I won’t hold my breath waiting for any progressives to voluntarily distance themselves from the protests.

Extremism on Display

For the second time in as many months, the Democrat presidential candidates held a town hall dedicated to LGBTQ issues. I still remember when the homosexual-rights movement insisted it was all just about the right to privacy for two consenting adults. Clearly, that’s not the case anymore. Now we’re having town-hall events on cable news networks featuring nine year-old kids.

Needless to say, the extremism of the Democrat candidates, and the left generally, was on full display Thursday night. Among other things, we learned it was “violence” to mispronounce a transgendered individual’s name.

loose lips liar-Joe Biden and Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren fully supported taxpayer funding for sex-change operations. loose lips liar-Biden also insisted that he would make gay rights a top priority in his foreign-policy agenda.

lowlife-Kamala Harris felt it was important to let the nation know that her pronouns were “she, her, and hers.” Evidently, they are Chris Cuomo’s preferred pronouns too!

And scumbag-Cory Booker promised to do even more to push the gay agenda in the public schools. 

But the clear winner of the night’s “Crazy Award” goes to socialist-Beto O'Rourke.

His campaign is melting down politically, but it has nothing to do with the radical positions he’s taking. socialist-O'Rourke is being abandoned simply because he can’t compete against loose lips liar-Biden, dinky/liar-Warren, and commie-Sanders on the national stage. But all the other candidates shares his views on open borders and gun confiscation. 

I bring this up because Thursday night socialist-O'Rourke officially declared war on America’s churches and non-profit ministries. He said that any religious organization that opposes same-sex marriage will lose its tax exempt status. 

This issue has always been a battering ram to marginalize and attack the church. socialist-O'Rourke has done us a favor by stripping away the camouflage.

We predicted this years ago. If normal marriage is defined as bigotry, then no traditional faith-based group is safe. 

Justice Samuel Alito raised the specter of religious institutions losing their tax-exemptions during the 2015 case that legalized same-sex marriage. The scumbag/liar-nObama administration attorney replied, “It’s certainly going to be an issue… I don’t deny that." 

Neither does socialist-Beto. And if asked, I’m sure every other Democrat would agree with him.

My friends, you see what is at stake next November.   Help us reelect President Trump, Vice President Pence, and send more pro-family, pro-life, pro-Trump conservatives to Congress!

Deal or No Deal?

President Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu met yesterday to discuss trade issues. There is considerable hope that the two men can iron out some sort of a deal, even a partial deal. And the Chinese are clearly eager for one.

One of the communist regime’s main propaganda outlets printed an editorial yesterday declaring:

A partial deal is a more feasible objective, and one that would be in the common interests of both sides. Not only would it be of tangible benefit by breaking the impasse, but it would also create badly needed breathing space for both sides to reflect on the bigger picture…

Whether there is a deal or not, this much is clear: The president would have been much more successful if he only had to deal with the Chinese communists. Unfortunately, he has also had to contend with a big swath of U.S. capitalists. 

Whenever a Chinese delegation came to the U.S., they often flew into New York City first, where they would meet with Wall Street CEOs. As they headed to Washington, the CEOs would start lobbying on China’s behalf. 

As Lenin reportedly said, "The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”   ~The Patriot Post  

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