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Leftmedia Disingenuously Debates 
Airing Trump Address
by Nate Jackson  
Congressional Report Warns Terrorists
Have Embedded Themselves in Migrant Caravans
by Randy DeSoto 
{} ~ A new report by the House Homeland Security Committee found that suspected terrorists have infiltrated the so-called migrant caravans... as the Trump administration has been warning. The executive summary for the report titled, “Stopping Terrorist Travel Through Illicit Pathways to the Homeland” explains that due to increased security measures at the United States ports of entry since the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks “that those who wish to bring harm to America have to explore non-traditional ways of entering our country.” According to the report, Mexico has discovered several Special Interest Aliens and known or suspected terrorists traveling toward the U.S. border in caravans but “lacks the infrastructure and capacity to repatriate SIAs of national security concern especially outside the hemisphere.”The overall findings were compiled over a six-month period by the Homeland Security Committee based on briefings, meetings, and site visits by its members and staff to Brazil, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, and Panama. The  Center for Immigration Studies highlighted some other findings including the discovery of ISIS materials and other publications encouraging followers to cross into the U.S. from the southwest border. Further, DHS border patrol agents “routinely” encounter SIAs at border crossings. According to Fox News, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen reportedly told Democrat leaders at the White House last week that border patrol officials apprehended about 3,000 people with terrorist ties and 17,000 criminals seeking to cross into the U.S. in 2018...
Why scumbag/liar-nObamacare Doesn't Work
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{} ~ In this new Prager U video, Lanhee Chen of the Hoover Institute discusses the many promises made by former President scumbag/liar-nObama about healthcare reform and why the Affordable Care Act was destined to fail.  
The Electoral College Must Remain
D82QckF17u2edXy4wslhElVvBCQL1RPpABeFAVkl5vQhWyYr-qbQmdnTLMiStCe9ytmAEMi4FGY-Scu40fCV7unmzWUGjvzjXYTc6tMfQF4OkdK9p0k=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=by Elad Hakim
{} ~ Rep. scumbag-Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., recently introduced a proposed constitutional amendment that would eliminate the Electoral College... This was obviously done in response to the fact that scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election despite winning nearly 3 million more votes than President Trump. According to scumbag-Cohen, the Electoral College is outdated and distorting. In a recent Fox News article, scumbag-Cohen was quoted as saying, "Americans expect and deserve the winner of the popular vote to win office. More than a century ago, we amended our Constitution to provide for the direct election of U.S. Senators. It is past time to directly elect our President and Vice President."  scumbag-Cohen's position is clearly partisan, will almost certainly fail, and will face stiff resistance from many smaller states. According to HistoryCentral, "the Electoral College was created for two reasons. The first purpose was to create a buffer between population and the selection of a President. The second as part of the structure of the government that gave extra power to the smaller states." The first reason revolved around the possibility that a candidate could manipulate  public opinion to such a great extent that it would lead him to secure the presidency. In other words, the Founders did not believe that the citizens could make the right decision on their own. Therefore, the electorate served as a system of checks and balances. This does not appear to be as much of a concern today...
Foundations Indifferent to CAIR Leaders' 
Anti-Semitic & Pro-Terrorist Rhetoric
1JpJ145rEgus6DRIFEFU5pNA-7TY_C0nXFBvUXVxO0ueH1cvXGYbWmosv-RI5BywwzAaTYzoH2Sku3M9E1HyibftDs3wyzgc-Ps=s0-d-e1-ft#%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=?profile=RESIZE_710xby John Rossomando
{} ~ Non-Muslim donors gave CAIR more just under $3 million in 2017 in the wake of President Trump's travel ban... CAIR collected more from non-Muslim foundations in 2017 than in any other year. Non-Muslim foundations view CAIR as a civil rights organization instead of a front for Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR's donors are indifferent to its documented ties to Hamas. CAIR's largest non-Muslim donors, such as The Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) and the California Wellness Foundation, stand by CAIR San Francisco Bay Area Executive Director Zahra Billoo despite her anti-Semitic statements and support for Palestinian terrorism. To the FBI, Justice Department prosecutors, and at least one federal judge, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a dubious organization led by executives tied to a U.S.-based Hamas support network. To the FBI, Justice Department prosecutors, and at least one federal judge, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a dubious organization led by executives tied to a U.S.-based Hamas support network. To social media followers, CAIR officials include rabid anti-Semites – people who baselessly compare Israeli soldiers to ISIS and who endorse slogans calling for Israel's annihilation. To dozens of liberal foundations, however, CAIR is a deserving recipient of their largess, an Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) analysis finds. Sixteen state CAIR chapters and its Washington, D.C.-based national office received at least 265 grants of more than $1,000 from non-Muslim foundations across the country since 2010, totaling nearly $5.47 million. Some of those funders paid for a study that, among other things, tried to cast the negative press that CAIR and other Muslim groups gained due to the 2008 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) Hamas terror financing trial as Islamophobic. These non-Muslim sources provide a small, but significant percentage of the operating budgets for CAIR and its chapters. Many of the grants support CAIR civil rights litigation, programs supporting refugees and migrants and opposing "Islamophobia," and bullying efforts...
Former White House Press Secretary
Ari Fleischer Floats Border Wall Compromise
by Jim E
{} ~ Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer offered up a solution to end the government shutdown while also giving President Trump his border wall... His solution: trust the experts. Fleischer wants to take the most controversial element out of the negotiations: President Trump. It’s an unspoken truth that these negotiations to open up the government aren’t about the border wall or about the morality of our immigration policy. It’s about Trump and 2020. Democrats don’t want to give him a win on the border wall heading into the next presidential election. That’s the only reason they oppose funding the barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. Just a few years ago, Senator Chuck scumbag/clown-Schumer advocated for a physical divide between our country and our southern neighbor. Now, his tune has changed with the political winds. Fleischer says take Trump out of it. Put the Border Patrol in charge. Give them what funding they want and allow them to determine the size and location of any border barrier. Under this deal, Democrats can claim that they didn’t given Trump what he wanted. President Trump can allow the Border Patrol to do what’s necessary to secure the border and stop unnecessary illegal entry into our country. And the government can open. It’s a win-win. That is, if the Democrats truly care about securing the border and not about keeping it a funnel for potential new voters to waltz into our country...
Leftmedia Disingenuously Debates Airing Trump Address
by Nate Jackson:  With the partial government shutdown now 18 days old, President Donald Trump will give his first prime-time Oval Office address at 9:00 p.m. EST tonight on what he calls “the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border.” Indeed, given that he has floated declaring a national emergency so as to facilitate construction of a border barrier without further congressional approval, his brief address could yield big news. Trump will also travel to the border on Thursday to meet with men and women on the front lines of securing that border.

             Amidst the debate, remember a key fact: Democrats once supported securing our southern border with a wall but have totally reversed course. For the entirely cynical political calculus of reaping votes from certain constituents, they now vehemently oppose authorizing a dime for its construction.
               In another cynical calculation, mainstream media broadcast networks reportedly hotly debated whether to air Trump’s address before eventually granting the White House request for eight minutes of airtime.
               CNN’s Brian Stelter relayed a text he says he received from a TV executive: “[Trump] calls us fake news all the time, but needs access to airwaves… If we give him the time, he’ll deliver a fact-free screed without rebuttal. And if we don’t give him the time, he’ll call every network partisan. So we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
               Such handwringing is amusingly phony. News networks fill up airtime 24/7 with Democrats, lobbyists, and partisan pundits venting outrage at the president for every policy or social-media post. They’re earning big bucks on one-sided bashing of Trump’s celebrity, yet they balk at giving him eight minutes of airtime to make his case for a significant national policy during a government shutdown triggered by a fight over that policy.
               Awe argued in 2016, the media was rooting for Trump to win the GOP nomination, giving him (and even his empty podium) what ended up being $5 billion in free (and vastly disproportionate) coverage because they thought him most likely to lose to scumbag/liar-Hillary Clinton. “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS,” said then-CBS Chairman Les Moonves.
               The plan backfired, but media moguls are still heavily invested in their own love-hate relationship with Trump; they hate him even though he’s great for ratings. Ultimately, the almighty dollar led them to open the airwaves tonight. Just expect it to be followed by countless hours of rebuttals — and that doesn’t even include Democrats’ hilarious demand for “equal airtime” to combat his “malice and misinformation.” After all, if anyone knows malice and misinformation, it’s Democrats.  

~The Patriot Post  
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