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Now That We Know
by Eytan Kobre
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CBO: Senate health care bill will reduce deficit by $321 billion. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Groundbreaking minimum-wage study ties higher job loss to $15/hour wages. (National Review)
U.S. to list China among worst human trafficking offenders. (Reuters)
Refugee admissions at 48,856 — nearing Trump's FY17 ceiling. (CNS News)
Illegals fleeing from Trump to Canada not faring too well there either. (Hot Air)
Government websites in U.S. hacked to display pro-ISIS message. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Trump assassination theater gets new $100,000 federal grant. (The Washington Free Beacon)
Fast and Furious Whistleblower Says He Became an ‘Enemy of the State' (The Daily Signal)

EU hits Google with a record antitrust fine of $2.7 billion. (CNBC)
Tennessee legislature responds to California's travel ban in stinging official fashion. (Independent Journal Review)
Black Lives Matter slams gay pride parade. (The Daily Wire)
Policy: New study proves Seattle punishes the poor. (E21)
Policy: Comparing the market reforms of the BCRA and AHCA. (American Action Forum~The Patriot Post
McConnell delays vote on
Senate's liar-nObamaCare overhaul bill
{} ~ Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday delayed the vote on his liar-nObamaCare overhaul plan amid dwindling support from rank-and-file Republicans... touching off what is sure to be a furious scramble to revise the bill and win over GOP holdouts. "We're going to continue the discussion," the Kentucky Republican said after emerging from a closed-door meeting with Republicans. "We will not be on the bill this week." A vote is not expected until after the July 4th recess. President Trump, meanwhile, summoned all 52 GOP senators to a White House meeting Tuesday afternoon in hopes of determining the way forward...
TUCKER: Battles Radio Host Who Said Constitution Helped Radicalize Scalise Shooter
American Pravda: CNN Part 1, Russia narrative is all about "ratings"
Dem Congressman Admits liar-nObamacare Failing His Constituents
TX Attorney General: "Confident" We'll Win Lawsuit Brought By Sanctuary City Gov'ts

 Time to Appoint a Second Special Counsel 
By Arnold Ahlert:  John C. Eastman, Founding Director of the Claremont Institute’s Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence, and a man who has represented 17 parties before the Supreme Court, has some advice for President Donald Trump: fight fire with fire.
          “Perhaps it is time to make good on that old pledge to appoint a special prosecutor to look into the liar-Clinton ‘matters’ after all,” he writes. “And while you’re at it, add in referrals to the grand jury for the contempt of Congress committed by the IRS’s Lois Lerner and former Attorney General Eric Holder, an FBI investigation of the destruction of government documents and servers in the midst of the IRS scandal, an investigation into alleged perjury committed by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in testimony about those matters given under oath to Congress, an ‘obstruction of justice’ investigation against former Attorney General Eric Holder and others (and related perjury charges against Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez) for allegedly ordering that an egregious voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party be dropped shortly before a default judgment was about to be entered in the government’s favor, etc., etc., etc.”
          Eastman’s ire is driven by the appointment of Robert Mueller and the broad latitude he has been given to conduct his investigation. Latitude Eastman likens to a “writ of assistance” and the power to exercise a “general warrant” against Trump, his family, his business associates and his campaign and transition teams, “to see if any crime can be found (or worse, manufactured by luring someone into making a conflicting statement at some point),” he explains.
          “That is the very kind of thing our Fourth Amendment was adopted to prevent,” he adds. “Indeed, the issuance of general warrants and writs of assistance is quite arguably the spark that ignited America’s war for
          Like many others, including President Trump himself, Eastman agrees the unconstitutional issuance of a search warrant absent not only a crime but probable cause is the essence of a “witch hunt.”
          Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy also offered “fight fire with fire” advice to the Trump administration. First, he believes the DOJ should appoint a special counsel to “investigate the potential abuse of government surveillance powers for the purposes of political spying and leaks to the media,” he writes. “The investigation should scrutinize all unmasking of Americans to determine whether it conformed to court-ordered restrictions.”
          That may be a heavy lift. Last week it was revealed that “career officials” at the National Security Council are “slow walking” subpoenaed records of former National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s unmasking efforts. Mid-level NSC managers asserted those records were transferred to liar-nObama’s Presidential Library and could “remain closed to the public for five years” based on the Presidential Records Act.
          The discovery of that transfer was made when Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information request rejected by NSC Access Management Director John Powers on May 23. The House Intelligence Committee issued its subpoena approximately a week later. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said, “Having to subpoena this information indicates the insanity of the situation when the nation’s top intelligence agencies are withholding information — basic information — that could bring to an end the controversy raging across this country.”
          Insanity — or wholesale corruption? Thus, McCarthy’s additional suggestion, that “appropriate committees of Congress should convene hearings on whether the liar-nObama Justice Department sought to influence the outcome of the 2016 election, and whether it colluded with the liar-Clinton campaign toward that end,” is problematic, if the evidence is buried in liar-nObama’s Presidential Library. Fitton asserts Trump can access that evidence “because they are executive branch records.”
          That remains to be seen. In the meantime, McCarthy’s final suggestion, a thorough investigation of the liar-nClintons’ potential collusion with Russia, is an idea whose time has come.
          “Those who counseled President Trump to not prosecute liar-Hillary Clinton said a liar-Clinton investigation would distract the White House from furthering Trump’s positive agenda,” writes Karin McQuillan at American Thinker. “That was a strong argument — then. But as Professor Eastman points out, it backfired. Perhaps Trump’s civility was taken as a sign of weakness. liar-Hillary launched the lie that the Russians made her lose the election. Democrats instigated this phony Russian collusion investigation of Trump, precisely in an effort to distract the White House and halt the Trump agenda. The best defense is to return to offense.”
          Not offense. Rule of Law. Thus, when Eastman speaks about engendering a second investigation as a means of getting Democrats to “accept olive branches of civility,” he completely misses the mark. Americans are disgusted by ruling class horse-trading, whereby tainted politicians are completely insulated from the criminal justice standards that apply to everyone else.
          They also resent a seemingly endless Narrative promulgated by a thoroughly corrupt Leftmedia, whereby an investigation of “Russian collusion,” that has allegedly morphed into an “obstruction of justice” investigation focused solely on Trump and his associates — while liae-nObama administration officials
seemingly remain hermetically sealed off from scrutiny.
          How sealed off? Fusion GPS, which promulgated the ridiculous story provided by former British spy Christopher Steele about Trump hiring hookers to urinate on a bed the liar-nObamas slept in at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton is “stonewalling congressional investigators trying to learn more about its connections to the Democratic Party,” New York Post columnist Paul
Sperry reveals.
          Incredibly, the FBI, who allegedly paid Steele $50,000 to help corroborate Trump’s takedown, is also refusing to cooperate, a disturbing reality that Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley warns “raises substantial questions about the independence” of the bureau’s Trump investigation.
          So by all means, fight fire with fire, Mr. President. Because the massive corruption and collusion evinced by members of the liar-nObama administration and the “deep state” leakers, all invested in removing you from office — even if it takes committing felonies to do — can be summed up in three words:
          “Target rich environment.”  ~The Patriot Post
Pre-Publication Version of Proposed Rule: Definition of "Waters of the United States"
{} ~ The EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, along with Mr. Douglas Lamont, senior official performing the duties of the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, signed the following proposed rule on 06/27/2017... and EPA is submitting it for publication in the Federal Register (FR). While we have taken steps to ensure the accuracy of this Internet version of the rule, it is not the official version of the rule for purposes of public comment. Please refer to the official version in a forthcoming FR publication, which will appear on the Government Printing Office's FDsys website ( and on ( in Docket No. EPA-HQ-OW-2017-0203.
Black Unemployment Rate Lowest in 17 Years
by Trey Sanchez
{} ~ According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for black Americans is the lowest it has been in 17 years... After the first report in February at 8.1, the number has dropped each month since with May registering a 7.5 unemployment rate. The last time it was that low was December 2000 when it was at 7.4 percent. The black unemployment rate skyrocketed under President liar-nObama, who oversaw double digits during his administration, hitting a high of nearly 17 percent in March 2010. Black lawmakers were quick to blame liar-nObama...
Now That We Know
by Eytan Kobre
{} ~ It's hard -- indeed, painful -- to concede that not only did you muff-up but caused irreversible damage to millions of others. Secular Jewish leaders must start doing so now. Otherwise, it will be too late.
Faiths should learn from this self-inflicted destruction
When I contemplate the sorry spiritual state of secular American Jewry, one phrase comes to mind more than any other: “Victims of history.”
Entire generations of such Jews need only trace themselves back a few generations to find devout Eastern European ancestors. How then did they wind up as estranged from authentic Judaism as they are now?
For so many of them, it was that somewhere along the line, a forebear of theirs bought into an ideology that promised a bright, beautiful future for him, for Jewry, and for the world as a whole if only he’d junk that old-time religion and come out into the light of modernity.
And so he did.
Fast forward 80, 90, or 100 years, to our times, and nary a one of those utopian movements and worldviews even exists anymore. Unless, that is, we’re to count some old Workmen’s Circle club where when someone under 35 walks in, the average age drops to 73.
The dustbin of recent Jewish history is overfull with the detritus of such long-defunct causes.
The utopian siren song that the idealistic ancestor followed back in 1917 might have led to a complete dead end, but the decisions he made back then have all-too-real consequences in the here-and-now of 2017. Whom he married, how he raised his children, and how he chose to live his life helped determine how the next generation and the one after that would turn out.
That’s why there have been times when I’ve wanted to say to a nonreligious Jew something like this: “You no doubt see yourself as the product of your own autonomous choices, in regard to religion as in everything else. But let’s face it: Only you know just how much, or little, thought and study you’ve invested in the Jewish choices you’ve made.
So, in fact, much of who you are and how you think today are the result of choices made by those who came long before you. They thought full Jewish observance was incompatible with modern life, but they were wrong. They believed that movement X was the way of the future and that Orthodoxy was a shriveled, dying plant, but they were sorely misled. Want to be truly autonomous? Reopen the investigation, reexamine your forebears’ assumptions, and follow your conclusions wherever they lead.”
But the outreach manual said not to do that. So I just smile warmly and say “Shabbat Shalom.”
Ever wonder what history would look like had the founders of some of these movements done an about-face midcourse, before leading masses of their brethren off the Jewish cliff? What if, instead of having to wait for the descendants of Mendelssohn and Herzl to convert to other religions, the Jews of their time could have heard them acknowledge the bankruptcy of their own ideas?
A recent piece in the New York Times gives us a glimpse of what that might have looked like. It’s an interview with Evan Williams, who is as close to being the founding father of the contemporary online universe as anyone. He was the co-creator of the Blogger software that helped millions start their own blogs, and is a former CEO and the largest shareholder of Twitter. It begins:
Evan Williams is the guy who opened up Pandora’s box. Until he came along, people had few places to go with their overflowing emotions and wild opinions, other than writing a letter to the newspaper or haranguing the neighbors. Mr. Williams — a Twitter founder, a co-creator of Blogger — set everyone free, providing tools to address the world. In the history of communications technology, it was a development with echoes of Gutenberg.
And so here we are in 2017. How’s it going, Mr. Williams?
“I think the internet is broken,” he says. He has believed this for a few years, actually. But things are getting worse. “And it’s a lot more obvious to a lot of people that it’s broken.”
People are using Facebook to showcase suicides, beatings and murder, in real time. Twitter is a hive of trolling and abuse that it seems unable to stop. Fake news, whether created for ideology or profit, runs rampant. Four out of ten adult internet users said in a Pew survey that they had been harassed online. And that was before the presidential campaign heated up last year.
Like most good revolutionaries, Evan Williams was a bona fide, starry-eyed proponent of tikkun olam, his wonderful intentions unwittingly helping to pave Purgatory Boulevard:
“I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place,” Mr. Williams says. “I was wrong about that.”
A few years ago, Twitter was viewed as a tool of liberation. It enabled, some believed, the Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East. Twitter, like the internet itself, was putting tyranny on a short leash…. It was just another Utopian dream, Mr. Williams says. “The problem is that not everyone is going to be cool, because humans are humans,” he says. “There’s a lock on our office door and our homes at night. The internet was started without the expectation that we’d have to do that online.”
Williams is just one voice in a growing chorus of tech industry insiders telling it like it is about their personal Frankenstein. Some may recall that at the CitiField Asifah in May 2012, demonstrators stood across the street from the stadium, some holding signs reading “The Internet Is Not the Problem.” Too bad they never met Andrew Keen, a Silicon Valley veteran, and author of “The Internet Is Not the Answer,” which Booklist synopsized this way: “Keen wants you to know that the Internet has not lived up to its early promise. Rather than fostering an environment of intellectual and social democracy, it has spawned a rule-by-mob culture, promoted narcissism and voyeurism, encouraged intolerance and exclusivity, created global monopolies, increased unemployment, and decimated whole industries.”
Like our secular Jewish brethren of the last century, we, too, have been caught up in an exciting, all-enveloping revolution, one that’s transforming the world — and us. Their visionaries, the Trotskys, the Freuds, the Friedans, the Rudds and Rubins, et al., never knew or cared enough to come clean about the casualties to come. But those of the Tech Age, like Evan Williams, have begun to do so. Are we listening?

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