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CNN Blows Another Debate
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Don’t Blame Trump for Syria
by Bruce Thornton
{ } ~ President Trump is facing intense criticism for his decision to withdraw fewer than 1000 U.S. troops from northeastern Syria... The dispute largely reflects the bipartisan NeverTrump penchant for politicizing every Trump decision in order to weaken the president. But there are honest people on both sides of the issue who have compelling arguments for their positions. Unfortunately, no rational argument can resolve this disagreement over our presence in Syria, for its causes run much deeper than military tactics and foreign policy strategies: The divided aims underlying our interactions with the world that have left us with a schizophrenic foreign policy. America has long tried to reconcile our desire to be wary of “foreign entanglements,” with our involvements abroad forced on us by changes in technology like the steamship and the telegraph, and by a growing global trade that enriched our own economy at the cost of increasing “entanglements” in foreign affairs. Our participation in the Great War of 1914-1918 made us a global power, just at the time that the ideology of “moralizing internationalism” had taken hold in the West, famously expressed in Woodrow Wilson’s call “to make the world safe for democracy.” For many, the return to isolationism following the war, evident in the Senate’s refusal to ratify the Versailles Treaty, was a disaster that helped spark the much more devastating Second World War. During the Cold War, our standoff with a nuclear armed communist superpower legitimized our deep involvement in managing and defending the Free World we now led. Multinational alliances, conventions, institutions, treaties, and covenants were the means for promoting liberal democracy and human rights, and for adjudicating international disputes and global conflicts while limiting armed violence to proxy duels. The successful end of the Cold War created the illusion that our traditional isolationism was no longer viable, given what George H.W. Bush called the “new world order.” Yet this global leadership still cut against the grain of America’s tradition of avoiding involvement in overseas disputes. In part these isolationist inclinations reflect the age-old flaw of democracies and their regularly scheduled elections, in which political power and policies shift from one party to another, empowering democratic voters to pursue their traditional preference for “butter” over guns. More important, democratic recycling of political leadership promotes short-term thinking, as writers from Demosthenes to de Tocqueville to Churchill have pointed out. Writing after the spectacular carnage of World War II, for example, Churchill attributed the slaughter in part “to the structure and habits of democratic states,” which “lack those elements of persistence and conviction which alone can give security to the humble masses,” and in which “even in matters of self-preservation, no policy is pursued for even ten or fifteen years at a time.” If you think the Cold War policy of containment disprove this assessment, remember it was “cold” because of the Mutually Assured Destruction that would result from a direct confrontation. Imagine how the postwar conflict between the U.S. and the USSR would have played out if the Trinity nuclear test had failed on July 16, 1945...
scumbag/liar-nObama Headlining 
Democrat Redistricting Fundraiser at 
Alex scumbag-Soros’s Home
{ } ~ Former President Barack scumbag/liar-Obama will headline a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) at Alex scumbag-Soros’s New York City home on Monday evening... according to Politico Playbook. Also expected to attend the NDRC event are the group’s founder and chairman, former Attorney General scumbag-Eric Holder, and former Virginia governor and CNN contributor Terry McAuliffe. Founded in 2016, the NDRC is a super PAC aimed at positioning Democrats favorably in the round of  redistricting after the 2020 census. Earlier this year, scumbag/liar-nObama’s political advocacy group, Organizing for Action (OFA), folded itself into scumbag-Holder’s group and launched a campaign called “All On The Line” aimed at promoting redistricting reform. In August, the group unveiled another initiative, Redistricting U, that saw activists provide free training and tools to volunteers involved in redistricting efforts and guide groups on how to “be leaders in the movement for fair maps.” “Training is at the heart of organizing. It’s why I’ve always made it a priority – from my 2008 campaign until now,” scumbag/liar-nObama wrote in a tweet announcing the effort, which is part of the “All On The Line” campaign.“The movement for fair maps will determine the course of progress on every issue we care about for the next decade,” the former president added. “And we can’t wait to begin organizing when the redistricting process starts in 2021. We need to build this movement from the ground up – right now.” Before leaving the White House, scumbag/liar-nObama stated that he would make redistricting efforts a top priority in his post-White House career. “Restoring fairness to our democracy by advocating for fairer, more inclusive district maps around the country is a priority for President scumbag/liar-nObama,” scumbag/liar-nObama spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement at the time.
Newt Gingrich Scorches liar-Pelosi, 
scumbag-Schiff: 'Embarassingly 
Dishonest' Politicians
By Joe Saunders 
{ } ~ When it comes to the “impeachment inquiry” threatening President Donald Trump, not many Americans have the perspective of Newt Gingrich... The former House speaker who oversaw the impeachment of then-President scumbag/liar-Bill Clinton in 1998 knows what lawmakers have done before in taking on the White House from Capitol Hill. And the current farce led by the ferociously partisan  House Speaker liar-Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenant, Intelligence Committee Chairman  scumbag-Adam Schiff, isn’t even close. “What they’re doing right now is a fundamental violation of American law,” Gingrich told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Monday. “scumbag-Schiff is an embarrassingly dishonest person,” the former GOP congressman from Georgia said. “liar-Pelosi has become an embarrassingly dishonest person.” As Americans who remember the scumbag/liar-Clinton years will recall, the contrast between what happened on Capitol Hill then versus what Democrats are doing now could not be starker. As Gingrich pointed out, Republicans organizing the scumbag/liar-Clinton impeachment were working with the report compiled by independent counsel Kenneth Starr, who found 11 counts of lying, obstruction and other crimes that could merit impeachment. Today’s Democrats had their own special counsel investigation blow up in their faces, with a report that established no crimes by the president at all. It got even more embarrassing when special counsel Robert Mueller showed up for congressional hearings clearly out of his element. Instead of a vetted document compiled by experienced prosecutors, today’s Democrats are going off the shaky report of an even shakier “whistleblower” with reported ties to Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President loose lips liar-Joe Biden. During the scumbag/liar-Clinton impeachment, Gingrich said, Republicans relied heavily on precedents established during the impeachment of President Richard Nixon by N.J. Rep. Peter Rodino, the Democrat who chaired the House Judiciary Committee in 1974. Today’s Democrats are relying on nothing other than their power to control the operations of the House...  
Trump’s ‘New Deal’ on Iran
by ~ President Trump has no intention of just renegotiating the nuclear deal with Iran, rather it would have to be a “new deal” that forces Iran to stop all of it’s “menacing behavior.”... Watch Clarion Project’s National Security Analyst and Shillman Fellow Ryan Mauro on I24 News with good advice on how to proceed with the Islamic Republic:  
scumbag/commie-Brennan And
scumbag-Clapper To Be Interviewed As Part
Of Investigation Into Russia Probe Origins
{ } ~ U.S. Attorney John Durham intends to interview former CIA Director scumbag/commie-John Brennan as part of his investigation into U.S. intelligence agencies’ activities in the Trump-Russia probe... according to NBC News. scumbag/commie-Brennan told NBC News, where he is an analyst, that both he and scumbag-James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, are sought for interviews with Durham’s investigators. The interviews, should they occur, would signal that Durham is expanding his investigation. Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham to oversee an inquiry into U.S. agencies’ Trump-related intelligence-gathering activities earlier this year. Barr said he was not satisfied with official explanations about the origins of the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian government. The FBI opened an investigation on July 31, 2016 into whether Trump associates were colluding with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election. The special counsel’s investigation found no evidence of a conspiracy or that any Trump associates acted as agents of Russia. But scumbag/commie-Brennan, a staunch critic of President Donald Trump and Barr, has fiercely defended the investigation of the Trump campaign. He is also questioning the legal basis for the Durham probe, which he called “bizarre.” “I don’t know what the legal basis for this is,” he told NBC News. “I’m very comfortable with everything I was involved in,” he added. Barr has said little in public about the investigation, but it reportedly centers on FBI and CIA activities before and during the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Durham is also reportedly looking into what involvement foreign governments might have had in intelligence-gathering against Trump associates. The Durham probe has picked up steam in recent weeks, with Barr and Durham visiting Italy in September, reportedly to collect information about Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese professor who had contacts with former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos...
Why CAIR Doesn’t Represent American Muslims
by ~ In its effort to be piggyback on the intersectional Leftist crowd, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) espouses a lot of ideas that cater that many American Muslims... especially those who are religiously conservative do not align with. As counter-terrorism analyst Oz Sultan explains, the American Muslim diaspora comes from 77 diverse Muslim countries. There’s no standard bearer organization that can say they represent all of us, least of all CAIR. Listen to Oz explain why CAIR cannot possibly represent American Muslims. Also discover why his participation in the Park 51 project laid the foundation to shape a more integrated program that can address some of the critical issues American Muslims face around faith and identity. Oz Sultan is founder of Our House NYC. He’s also a Big Data and counterterrorism analyst who helps break down complex problems, including coining the term “jillennial” jihadi millennial. Sultan was part of the original Park 51 project and had the chance to observe the collaboration and communication breakdowns of leadership of prior generations in Muslim communities, and he’s shaping the next generation of dialogue models with Our House NYC. Our House NYC is envisioned to be the TEDx of religion.  
CNN Blows Another Debate
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Twelve presidential wannabes standing in a row on stage for three hours.

Three friendly liberal journalists under-handing softball questions to them.

Tons of BS about free government healthcare and why Trump should be impeached.

Until the personal shock I got at the end of the Democrats’ debate on CNN woke me from my stupor, I wasn’t sure I wasn’t watching a rerun of last month’s debate.

It was the same uninspiring lineup of leftwing political featherweights, plus a self-made billionaire in a hideous tie named Tom Steyer.

And this time instead of ganging up on poor old Joe Biden, everyone was picking a fight with Elizabeth dinky/liar-Warren.

They were trying to get the former Native American to admit the truth she would not speak — that her “free” Medicare-for-All Plan is going to be paid for with higher taxes on the middle class.

Otherwise, the CNN debate was another in a series of three-hour ordeals featuring the usual Trump bashing, false promises, canned answers and left-wing Democrat talking points.

No one excelled. No one stood out from the 12-pack of mediocrity.

loose lips liar-Joe Biden was sad to watch as he continued his slow death spiral.

commie-Bernie looked healthy, but he’s stalled in the polls. The angry socialist will never win the nomination, even with the endorsement of commie-AOC and the rest of her Squad.

Sen. dinky/liar-Warren was her usual unlikable self — a Professor Know-It-All with dozens of big detailed federal plans that won’t work, will cost trillions and will turn America into a bigger Swedish welfare state than it already is.

She also showed she’s not too good at taking a punch — or a bunch of slaps — from her fellow lefties.

Mayor Pete did well because in a crowd of goofballs he actually sounded reasonable now and then.

He and impressive congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii were standouts, but they have no more chance of winning the right to lose to Trump than lowlife-Harris, socialist-O'Rourke, scumbag-Booker and the rest of the 2 per-centers.

As for the debate itself, what a joke.

CNN’s questioners were too biased to ask tough questions of their soulmates.

Plus, they completely avoided several radioactive subjects that would have forced Democrats to admit that President Trump has some successes he can take credit for, such as the booming economy, low unemployment and trade negotiations with China.

Stranger yet, there wasn’t a single question about the hottest news topic of the moment — China and its tiff with the NBA.

Maybe CNN was afraid China would black out its newscasts like they did the NBA games.

If I were really cynical, I’d suspect CNN of clearing its debate questions beforehand with the Democratic National Committee.

The result of CNN’s institutional incompetence and permanent liberal tilt was a debate that slogged on and on and got nowhere. No wonder the ratings tanked.

If I were CNN’s execs, next time I’d put a BS Meter at the bottom of the screen. Watching its arrow spike twice a minute at least would have provided a little fun for intrepid viewers like me who stuck it out for three hours.

How bad was the Democrats’ third debate? Well, the biggest winner of the night again was obviously President Trump, who’s still the front-runner.

In what has to be the strangest twist of all, the most-Googled name of the night after the debate was not Biden, Sanders, Warren or Gabbard. It was not even a Democrat.

It was a Reagan.

My brother Ron ended up being the most Googled thanks to the old commercial that CNN ran right before the final question.

The TV ad, shot about six years ago, featured Ron saying something like, “I’m a lifelong atheist and I’m not worried about burning in hell.”

The sudden appearance of my brother endorsing atheism on my TV was shocking, to say the least.

Maybe it was the only ad CNN could find, or maybe CNN aired it for free.

But for me it was a crummy reward for watching their horrible debate all the way to the end.   ~The Patriot Post  

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