We own you now and we will tell where you can go in the city.

If anyone thinks Islam is a peaceful " Way of Life" just check out the videos below. America had better wake up because it's to late for Europe.  

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  • Our Son lives in Sweden and this same thing has happened there.  They live on welfare and have 9 children (free education, free housing and everything)  Swedish families are usually approximately 2 children per household.  The fire department will not go into the area unless they have a police escort because they get mugged.  There are rapes and muggings everywhere.  They have burned down the old, old Christian churches.  And the swedes don't do anything about it because they are introverted people.  It is very sad.

  • Liberals are able to stage protests easier in greater numbers because most of them are on welfare and don't have to work. They are getting paid to go to Washington and influence politicians. If we all stand together apart from each other closer to home we can make a difference. For example how about something like "National Go To The Closest IRS Office and Give them a piece of your mind Week"? It would be alot easier and we could stay on scene much longer.

  • I guess muslims dont eat pork ,cuz it is a relative and that would be incest cannibalism and the q-ran probly has a problem with that unless it's a really young pig

  • they come with 4 wives all on wellfare  have as many kids so they can take over a country, BO just  brought 80 million on our tax money so they vote him in, you see the game plan soon they will take over, they own all Dearborn Mich. forgot that word Demutude something like that may God have mercy on us

  • well its time to stop paying the IRS, they Moslims don't have to pay, so if u turn Moslim then u don't pay taxes that's how they got all the people to turn and there doing it here there a word demuted not  sure

  • with all that grab they ware looks like they go up like a candle in a war ?

  • on facebook just found out if u spell Moslim it means evil and unjust my new spelling of Muslims


  • H. Gregory, you have said it best.    If it is a Religion, it is going to prove a "Religion" of great suffering, to an enormous amount of people, if they do not wake up.        Satan's Whores on a Saturday Night!


  • Billie Jones,

    Sorry...  I slipped out of the reply and comment first person to telling THEM where to get off or out!  Islam has NO PLACE in the civilized world.  

    Turn our javelinas lose on them!  (Wild pigs found here, on the Sonora desert.)

This reply was deleted.