We The Stupid

August 2, 2011


I stand here in abject stupefaction. The so-called "right" or "Tea Party" in this republic is being so thoroughly rolled and defeated that I am struggling to come up with an adequate violent submission metaphor that does not involve prison rape . . . and they honesty think that they're "winning." Really? You call this winning?

- Obama gets over $2 Trillion to spend before the 2012 election

- There are no real spending cuts

- There is a massive tax increase effective January 1, 2013

Obama is going to be handed something in excess of $2 Trillion -- and he has made it perfectly clear that he will spend every penny of it before the November 2012 election. That's why he kept saying, " . . . so we don't have to do this again", meaning raise the debt ceiling again. The debt ceiling would only need to be raised if all of the money had been spent. Therefore, he has stated very clearly that he will spend every penny of any debt ceiling increase. He is going to burn through $2 Trillion-plus in the next sixteen months. This was the Obama regime's plan from day one. Geithner appeared before Congress in early May and told them this in no uncertain terms. This outcome has been a known quantity all along.

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  • The people who voted for this dog should be put on boats and shipped to Cuba.

  • Mitchina......   Thanks for fighting the good fight with what you have.  We all need to do that.  And I have and will as many times and in as many states as I can until the election.   Correct you are ....

    If I give $ 20 it doesn't mean much.  But if 10,000 people give just $20 .... that's  $ 200,000 !!! 

    If 100,000 people give just $ 20 to one campaign ... That's  $ 2 Million !!!   

    NOW We are talking the kind of action that WINS Elections !!!

    There are millions of people in the Tea Party ....... and millions more not in the TP that want to see Obama go ....... and the Senate turn over to conservatives. ......

    WE just have to tap into these millions of people, and get them to participate with their wallets too !!

  • I posted this because the reality is not pretty - we need this to be sent directly to our representatives - in droves!  Millions of emails of this article - keep Ann's name off it so they don't target her... TELL THEM WE KNOW WHAT LOUSY FREEKING BUMS THEY ARE and that we are coming to get them all.  If we don't have the numbers, let's just make them think we do and scare them back to reality.  No, we cannot afford to play nice - Let's do it Saul Alinsky style - call them all racists, march in the streets, amass at capital buildings.  If only Glenn Beck would organize another protest.... we need him again, but will he want to?

    Wordwaryor:  I DO send money to swing states and critical elections even on the Governors levels... but I am but one - a single parent making less than 40K a yr but I send what I can when I can.  If everyone did this it would make an impact.  

  • I keep seeing comments that we are waking up. The problem is, are enough waking up? You can bet all the loafers on the dole will vote for whomever they think will keep the good times rolling and there are plenty of them. We need a revolution even if it means blood in the streets. I'm disabled and living on social security which I paid for all my working life. I'll never take handouts even if it means my demise. We'll never get the DC mob to listen to "we the people" until we start sending them home without a job. This scum seems to conveniently forget - they work for us.


  • I agree, its insane. but what really scares me is prospect that he may win again!!! Scary stuff. I'm trying to cut the legs off his misinformation machine....the liberal media. If you are interested in helping to win the 2012 election for the conservative party, please join me at https://www.facebook.com/ConservativeThinkingAmericans and join my boycott the liberal media and its advertisers event

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  • I'll say it again

    It looks like it's time for another REVELATION!!  We voted them into office and they took an oath to uphold our constitution; They are not.   We are obligated to kick them out: That's right OBLIGATED.  this is the responsibly of the citizens     US.

  • First of all ...... We can't play NICE .   And this means that we CANNOT simply focus on only our own state's races.   We have to cross STATE LINES with our effort.   I cannot vote in Missouri ..... But I CAN send money to Claire McCaskill's  opponent's political campaign. 

    FOLKS ....... WAKE UP ..... Dollars are our Bullets in this critical election year ...... and it will take millions and millions of them to make a difference.   This will take millions of us sending $ 10, $ 20,  $25,  $ 50  or  $ 100  to multiple campaigns in multiple states.     

    THE MESSAGE IS  ....... When you can't VOTE with your VOTE .......... VOTE with your DOLLARS for the Conservative Candidate (especially for Senate races in play).    YOU must Monitor these races if not daily, then weekly or bi-weekly. 

    Where the polls are close and WE are leading by slim margins ..... Send $$ Support.

    Where the polls are close and WE are losing by a slim margin ...... Send  $$ Support.


    THAT is HOW WE the People CAN WIN the Election of 2012 !!  

    Vote at home of course !!!    BUT  FOR  GOD'S  SAKE   AND  THE CONSTITUTION ........ VOTE WITH YOUR $$  IN AS MANY RACES AS YOU CAN WHERE IT COUNTS !!!   


    MAKE IT COUNT !!    Wouldn't it be SOOOO Much Fun to watch the Main Stream Media crying in their beer on Election night at the  DRAMATIC  LOSSES ...... of  Senate Races by DEMS, LIberals and Socialists ......... AND ...... also about the STUNNING DEFEAT of BARACK  OBAMA .....


    THAT's The GOAL ......  POLITICAL DONATIONS ARE THE WAY ........  THEY ARE OUR VOTES in States where we can't vote ..... and THEY (donations) Can make the Difference in Close races ~~ !!


  • You got it right Paul!   This sick group in Obama's adminstration  will try to put us so far in debt . and try and blame the next Pesiident. Every thing you said is correct. The only thing this group doesn't know is Americans are waking up to this socialist group and we are much smarter then them, so we will get the Country back on track.  .Thanks for your comment.

  • We the Tea Party have to get Mobilized in 2012 LIKE NEVER BEFORE .... even in 2009 where 1.7 Million showed up in DC for the 912 March.  We have to get mobilized to WIN selected elections for Senate plus the White House THIS YEAR ..... NOT LATER.     And quite frankly, I don't see any massive plans or strategies for that being made inside the Tea Party or the GOP !!! 

    And THAT really concerns me.   WE MUST get FOCUSED on the critical swing state races for President and on those Senate Races in play where we just might with concerted effort TAKE AWAY some DEM Seats and win the Senate for Conservatives.

    I will come back with some suggestions as to how we do that .........

  • Obama wants to saddle the next Republican President & Congress with unmanageable debt and forcing us to cut federal programs and spending, so they can try to show how "uncompassionate" we are for the next election. 

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