We the people must vote for Donald Trump

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP - activist  -  texusa2016@gmail.com

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"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Fellow Americans, we should vote for Donald Trump, our loyalty must be to our country the USA. Defending our US Constitution and the rule of law.  This election is about stopping corruption and the destruction of our country, it is our duty and responsibility to purge Washington of all the corrupt politicians, I am voting for Donald Trump for 4 reasons. 1- to stop the free trade deception. 2- to stop illegal immigration. 3- pass a legislation for limit terms in government. 4- Stop Hillary Clinton and ban her from the political arena.

The Washington establishment, Including Obama, the Bush, the Clintons, the corrupt corporate media, the Democrats and the Republicans neoliberalist war mongers and the transnational corporations, do not want Donald Trump in the White house. The question is why.

On free trade. The establishment represent the transnational corporations and they are convinced that Donald Trump will change the rules of free trade and stop them from exploiting this control they have on our corrupt Washington establishment to maximize their profit and also for corporate America to start paying their share of taxes.

On illegal immigration. The truth is that most illegal immigrants enter the US by Air, they come from all over the world including South America; they enter our country with a tourist visa for 6 months and they overstay their visa and we do nothing about it. The cost of illegal immigration is huge and we the tax payers are the ones that pay for it. We the tax payers pay for the education of their children’s; the average cost per students in public schools is $8,000.00, most illegal immigrants have 3 to 4 Childs; just do the math; this is only education, what about the other expenses, medical and if they are born here we pay for their welfare.

On term limit of elected officials. We Must have term limits on elected member of congress and the senate to end this system of corrupt career politicians that are in politics not to serve our country but only to get rich at the expenses of the people of this country. The fact is that they represent the transnational corporation and not the people of this country.  

About Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, a sycophant. Hillary Clinton is responsible for legitimating the 2009 coup in Honduras. Hillary's collusion with the coup led to the killing of thousand in Honduras by the takeover of a murderous faction, the killings and the spike of violence and repression which in turn sparked the exodus of thousands of children. Hillary supported wars and the devastation in Iraq, Libya, Syria. Afghanistan, Yemen and now of Syria. Hillary Clinton supported NAFTA and all the free trade agreements, Hillary and Bill Clinton are master of corruption; the Clinton foundation is a stablish example of their corrupt ideology of getting rich under the pretense of helping the poor.  She is a neo-liberalist, war monger, pro globalization, free trade and supporter of the Transnational corporations that control the Washington establishment.

Hillary Clinton is driven by greed of money and power; she cannot be trust with the power of being the president of this country, her record of criminals deeds and corruption is huge; she will unleash a massive wave of devastation while enriching herself and her friends with dirty deals and influence pedaling. During her time in government she has clearly shown that she cannot be trusted with power and that she will use her position as President to build her own personal empire at the expense of we the people.

No corrupt system of government can stop an idea whose time has come. “We the people unite in solidarity will demise government corruption and reclaim our country, our Constitutional Democracy and the rule of law”

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