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I listen to Fox News and all the reports on what our government is doing to destroy this country along with the negative attitudes everyone across the United States has toward our crooked government. My question is, "We The People" want to know what action can be put into force to stop what the government is doing to our country? All I hear is talk but no suggested action that can be put into effect to stop what is happening to our country. Everyone agrees that something needs to be done to stop what is going on, but everyone is afraid to create waves for fear that they will end up in jail or found dead. Please advise.Sharon
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  • I don't think we have that kind of time. I say we do our own filibuster. Our own sequester. We Stop. We will call it the "Resurrection of Americans". We take off for one week. We do nothing, no work, no purchases, no buying gas, no taking buses, no flights, no subways, or taxi's. Everyone just stay home, the government would lose millions, if not trillions per day. We would say, we are shutting you down until Obama leaves. We won't pay our bills, they won't get one red cent from the citizens of the United States. Yes, it would be tough, but if everyone plans a head for that week, we will be fine. One week to say, leave our rights alone, you work for us, and we will decide on the issues at hand. During that week, we will select a committee to talk to Congress, and tell them our demands.  We will let all senators that have been supporting the constitution, (we will know by their votes on past bills). Everyone else is fired, with no retirement, they will have to go get a real job. We will do away with the TSA, DHS, IRS, NDAA, Obamacare, all of the Obama administration.

  • Dear Sharon,
    Maybe you could help me promote my amendment proposition by telling your friends. This could be a way. Wayne L.
  • First of all, waiting until the next election may be too late. Taking action now is a must due to the close door meetings that are taking place. Action one: tax time is just around the corner and if the American people want to see positive changes, they need to have the back bone to initiate these changes like refusing to pay their taxes come April 15. Action two: If 90% or more American's will agree to not purchase gas just for one day, let say on April 15, think of the message we are sending to the government. These actions need to be done NOW, not later, because later may be too late.Make the government fear us, not the other way around.
  • Hi: Sharon,

    Please visit my website at I feel that we need to first Impeach Obama for breach of the peace, lieing to the people to get elected; and perhaps the Vice President will get the message not to screw up.

    Than during the next election vote for someone like myself, who wants to be elected as a packaged deal, under Article 6 clause 1 of the Constitution through the Declaration of Independence to Alter the changes that are needed.

    Stephen Leiby
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