We need to place further limits on Congress

As I pointed out over at The Free Republic, the political dynamism behind the Tea Party movement is the growing realization by the electorate that regardless of who is placed into high public office by whom, it is the special interests who are actually calling the shots, making the decisions, not the true sovereigns of this country, we the people. The political essence then behind the Tea Party movement is to bring to the people the right kind of limitations to be placed on Congress so our freedoms and our liberty can be further protected. It is our right, as a free people, and our duty, as our founding fathers did their duty.Here are a few proposals we have put together over at The Right Movement to place further limitation on Congress in this day and age.1. Congressional Term Limits: One four or six year term*2. Members of Congress should purchase their own individual retirement plans.3. Members of Congress should participate in the general Social Security system.5. Members of Congress should no longer be able to vote themselves pay raises.Congressional pay raises should be approved at the ballot box by the general electorate6. Members of Congress should not be given any special health care benefits not accessible by all Americans7. Members of Congress should be barred from enacting laws that usurp Private Enterprise under the general welfare provisions of the U.S. Constitution.8. Members of Congress must equally abide by all laws enacted and impose on all.9. Members of Congress should enact the flat tax, with no exemptions up to a set amount.10. Members Congress should call for a Congressional investigation to address Barack Obama’s presidential qualifications as per Article II, Section I, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, as well as any future president.11. Members of Congress should call for a Constitutional Convention to take away the power of the executive branch of government, or the legislative branch, to print money without the consent of the electorate, except in extremis cases, where a two/thirds majority would be required by Congress and approved by the general electorate at the next election.12. No person holding political office may declare for another office without first resigning their present office.13. Candidates running for office should not be allowed to accept campaign contributions from outside the district they wish to represent.14. Repeal employer withholding of taxes.15. Each bill addressed by Congress must have a Constitutional declaration or it will be non-binding.16. Enact voter verification procedures to insure accurate elections.17. Any labor contracts serviced by the collection of public taxes are strictly limited to the taxes collected, including pension plans. No taxes may be raised by Judaical fiat to service any contract.18. Eminent domain cannot be used by the state to benefit a private entity.* Please note, these proposals are not written in stone and will have to be refined. These proposals are simply posted to start people thinking about how to actually go about righting the wrongs that are so evident in our political system today.

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