We need to get laser focused.

Hello my name is Bob Casper, as November approaches the first thing that needs to happen is that all of the seats up for election across the US need to be posted on this website; with the current incumbents. People need to become very familiar with them and know who they are voting out!!!

People need to visualize removing each one of them from office, think about it often, and consider ways that they can contribute to removing all of these individuals from office. We need not stop with just the Democrats; the Independents and Republicans also need to be in our sights. And everyone of them need to be vetted. They must be willing to sign a contract with the Tea Party constituent outlining their believes and what they are personally going to do to turn around Washington; the State, County, or City that they will be representing. If they can not or are unwilling to do this, then they are out, period!.

They must stand with the Tea Party convictions 100%, pro-life, be fiscally conservative (put plans in place to balance their budgets), reduce taxes at all levels, remove ALL earmarks, Deport illegal emigrants, Prison reform (make the criminals not want to be there), Use the same retirement and medical services that normal Americans use, change the law to only vote one bill per submission, change all of the term limits to two maximum, provide the constituents the ability to recall or dismiss elected officials who are not performing the job duties per their job description, and hold elected officials accountable for all expenditures up and to imprisonment if they are deemed to misappropriate the funds.

We then need to vet candidates that will fit the bill. They need to be vetted by the Tea Party, not the Republican Party, Independent Party, or the Democratic Party. If they are not vetted by the Tea Party then they do not qualify. We can not trust any of the parties to represent the Tea Parties needs.

We need to use social media to expose each one of them. This is not about smearing anyone. This is to clearly point out their service history and their believe system. They have every right to defend their position, but we will let their votes and behavior tell the real story. You see they can say what ever they want to, but their voting record will tell the truth. It is just like hiring someone for a job. If they don't fit, then you tell them that they are not what we are looking for and we simply tell them that they are not qualified, no thank you, and move on. There need be no arguing or bickering.

Our mission is very clear get the bad seeds out. We need to infiltrate each precinct, support the campaign for the right person in the precinct, put a captain in charge and move to the next one; until all of the precincts across the US have been covered.

Once this is complete we will use the social media to gain numbers and support needed in each location. People need to be will to canvass the entire precinct with literature needed to point out the truth and why these people need to go. We need to go to small business and canvass each one of them. Show them directly how the current politicians in Washington are destroying their business and their financial future.

This is not easy, but it is very doable. We need to show people in simple terms how we are going to take back the country and how this will improve their lives. We need to educate people on how capitalism really works and how it can work for them when the government is on their side.

It is sad because business ignorance has increased over the last three to four decades. This generation does not understand work ethic, saving for the future, helping others because you want to, not because you have to or are told too, or how to create or make money. They have only been taught how to get a job.

People need to truly understand the difference between capitalism andsocialism. People need to be shown in black and white why socialism eventually fails.Where as work books stating this information need to be created for computers, iphones, blackberrys, ipads, and the like so that people have this information at their finger tips.

We need to recruit individuals who are familiar with these media centers; so that they can communicate to people what needs to get out and is not being taught in our school systems. It is so sad that young adults are so clueless when it comes to making money in our capitalist society.

These people need to be lead by the hand with simple graphical presentations that shows why socialism eventually fails and why capitalism always succeeds. Capitalism has its draw backs as greed corrupts the process and there needs to be monitors in place to keep this in check, but the down side of socialism far exceeds the downside of capitalism. That is why the United States of America is the greatest nation in the world.

Enough for now....

Bob Casper

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  • Phil, excellent observation. OK your message is very clear; I could not have said it better. So how do we get this message out. How do we get people to focus on your five key points. I believe that most of Tea Party members are aligned with your thoughts. I would push that we post your five principles on the website as our mission to move the country to back to the way it was in the beginning.

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