we need a change in dc

A short while my oldest son was in the Army, hes dead now, believing as me D.C. lies. be proud, serve your country, stop the enamy from abroud before they come to America etc. He sent letters home also on leave telling his wife,  & rest of family how proud he was protecting his wife & kids & America. then   looking thru the scope of his M16 seeing the eyes of the enemy ordered to fire, killing. he reached a point he couldnt take it any more. as so many military men & women. now im still not over it I love my son so. Shortly after I broke down put a gun to my head I was ready. Thank God some friends & a good honest  Pastor firmly holding me asking me who would protect, my other kids & grandkids. less than a second of clarity I snapped out of it. Now onto subject D.C. Theres many places in the world we dont need to be. Theres 256+or-countries in the world were in 176+or- give me a break, many countries dont need or want us there, come home stay in military go to our borders where youre needed. How many terrorists are in this country coming over the border. a million +or- maybe over a corse of years. training camps in many locations, mosques teaching hate America. thank u D.C. for letting this happen. The enemy is here already not just overseas. Be prepared America. 1 besides the war on drugs we have 2 other wars going on now onU.S. soil. We fought them both before. First the Revolution where we gained our freedom, now its being taken away. on one side Christain conservatives w/ millions of friends & family, fighting to keep our freedoms. the other side the ones that want to take this away. D.C. dems libs progresives & obama. Im not asking white house, congress, supreme court resign now go home we dont want u or need u. We have enough Americans honest well educated & willing to do job that u wouldnt. i see u ask why didnt they step up before & run for office. Heres why u woke up a sleeping giant . u have to go now. U have lies 4 a backbone. u cry peace & blessed be the peacemaker then u stab us in the back. never will we believe one word u say youre done. dont wait until nov go now no asking no please do it, weve had enough. the third war were fighting cival suppose to be over not just north & south, freeing the slaves no D.C. wants all Americans to be slaves, guess what D.C. not going to happed youre gone. your tring w drugs to keep us stupid but theres 2 many of us thats not falling 4 the trap, go. etc etc sorry tea party I vented. God bless you & love you GOD BLESS AMERICA            

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