Last night on Life, Liberty & Levin i saw Bill Bennett.  He was speaking to Mark about our schools and what they are doing to our kids RIGHT NOW

Many if not most are NOT BEING TAUGHT ABOUT AMERICA OR GOD OR THE US CONSTITUTION OR CAPITALISM OR ANYTHING THAT MAKES THIS NATION GREAT.   Nope, they are being taught about white privilege, climate change and gender neutral OMG.   WHAT ARE WE DOING AS PARENTS?  i hope alot alot to teach our children the horrors of socialism and what communism is then what AMERICA is and why we are an exceptional nation we are.   I pray we are doing this and now or we may loose our country.

The left figured out yrs ago how to destroy America that was BECOME TEACHERS AND THEY DID NOW THEY ARE TEACHING NOT TEACHING BRAINWASHING YOUR CHILD.   We must end this now  America cannot die this way.   

Our kids are marching for climate change, putting and end to our gun rights and on and on SEE THE DANGERS OF US NOT DOING OUR JOB AS PARENTS.   WE MUST TEACH THEM NOW.  

Bennett and Mark spoke at length about this how schools are becoming indoctrination centers and that at the youngest ages we need to do out job. 

time is now

the left won't stop  nor can we 

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