We must pass an immigration reform

By: Juan Reynoso, WTP Activist  -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

Americans must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty.

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Demand the teaching of our immigrant’s history in the schools.



Fellow Americans, 2015 must be the year to pass an immigration reform and stop the Washington politicians from using this issue as a tool to make political points at the expenses of the illegal immigrants. All immigrants legal and illegals want only one thing and that is; to be part of America the land of the free; as the millions of our fathers and their fathers before them. Our country was built by immigrants; we should never forget our roots and as Americans we should embrace all immigrants, welcome them and encourage them to do their best to become productive members of our communities. I assure you, that these immigrants care and want the same thing that you and I care and want; they want to be the best they can be to support their families and contribute to the socio economic of our country.

When it comes to the issue of immigration reform, there should be only one argument; how soon we can work on a system of immigration that forever would eliminate the means that promote illegal immigration. Democrats and Republicans, conservatives, liberals and independents must share the common goal of ending illegal immigration once and for all

The following are the essential points to implement an immigration reform:


1- All illegal immigrants must registers with the immigration Dept. and use the H-1B Visa and use as the sponsor the USA. With this visa ID, they are able to work, go to school, start a business, purchase a home, car, married to a US citizen and do all legal matters as US citizens. This visa will be good for 3 years; during this time all applicants must go through an investigation. Data that must be collected for this investigation will be the basic FBI documentation for personal identification including the DNA of the applicant.


  1. Illegal entry into the United States is a violation of our country’s sovereignty and should be a felony, border patrol, custom officers and immigration officers should be in charge of enforcing the law and all legislations regarding border security should be the duty of congress and enforce by Home Land Security. The border fence should be finish and monitor by digital electronic system. Man power to securing the border should be the responsibility of the federal government and the states should be able to sue the federal government for failing to meet their responsibility and demand restitution for money or damage done to citizens of the state or state government. 
  2. Visa Tracking:  A full biometric visa entry-exit tracking system must be implemented and working at all land, sea, and airport entry points. This system must be working and tested before the issue of an immigration reform proposal. Also all violators of this visa tracking system, must be declare criminals and their picture make public offering rewards for the apprehension and deportation of the criminals. 


  1. Workplace Enforcement:  E-Verify should be enforced to deterrence of violations of our labor laws. And prosecution of violations of the law must be enforced. Owners, CEOS, Managers and labor contractors should be prosecuted for violation of the laws.
  2. ID verification should be enforcing to rent homes apartments and purchase any means of transportation including public transportation.
  3. Immigration enforcement legislation must extend to the states; the power to uphold federal immigration laws it the duty of all enforcements officers of this country.  States will have the power to enforce the laws.  Those jurisdictions that undermine immigration laws should be removed. All sanctuary cities or any facilities that offer sanctuary to illegal immigrants will be in violation of our immigration laws.
  4. No ITIN should be issue by the IRS to any illegal immigrant.
  5. 14th Amendment section 1.  Guarantees citizenship for any person born in the United States No state shall make or enforce any laws which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States. On the issue of the so call anchor babies, we must follow our constitution.
  6. No illegal immigrant with children born in the US will benefit from welfare assistance given to their children
  7. No illegal immigrant should get any medical benefits or entitlement to any social services.


  1. Congress must review our visa system to eradicate fraud and corruption in our government. Today we have thousands of immigrants with visitor visas getting an education at the expenses of the American tax payers, many are working and hundreds are criminals engage in drug and human trafficking.
  2. Tourist and visitors visas should be limited to one month with proof of financial means for the time they will stay in our country. Violators of our visa system and criminals should be ban from legal entry into our country for no less than ten years.


  1. The legalization process should be based on the results of the individual background check and only the applicants that pass this personal investigation will be given a permanent resident ID card.
  2. All permanents residents should learn the English language and prepare themselves to become American citizens. They should learn American history, our constitution and our principles of citizenship.
  3. The dual citizenship system must end, our country should be united by our language; we must be a country united by one language with diversity in cultural foods and religion.
  4. We as Americans must recognize the importance of family union and must allow new citizens to petition for their immediate family members, Mother, Father Brothers and sisters that are not married and have no children. This will limit the issue of chain migration.
  5. Five years after they become permanent residents all immigrants should be illegible to get   full citizenship.
  6. Our first priority as Americans is to end the exploitation of foreign workers and protect the American people jobs and their economic and welfare, we must be very selective in granting immigration visas in the future, we must welcome a very limited number of people without education and make sure that they do not become welfare recipients.

Immigration reform and our US Constitution.


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