We Must Not Fail to Rise Up

We Must Not Fail to Rise Up

Organization is critical now. The “administration” will ramp things up soon and while the so-called “healthcare” law gives them vast powers, they know their time is short to get the U.S. past the point of no return. It may already be too late to recover hope for a decent society with fair leadership for its diverse people. Yet we fail to rise up.

We must inform our own military of the possibility that their leaders may ask them to turn against honest American citizens. This illegitimate government may use terrorists against its citizens. 

We cannot look each other in the eye because we know that by admitting the Obama deception and the coup, we know our course is clear. 

Speak out loudly and continuously against journalistic traitors who have been swept up in the degenerate madness of the globalists. George Bush was a good man. He was derided at every turn by a villainous force bent on the destruction of the west. Money and power in wicked hands have driven the honest few from our nation's capitol. Yet we fail to rise up.

No one dare speaks out against the corrupt fascists that have invaded our schools, poisoned the minds of our children, and undermined our land through proxy. Each night millions of Americans bury their heads in their pillows and pray. .

This illegitimate administration has betrayed our African-American brothers. They hand them an empty promise in words steeped in deeply ambiguous language. Mindful of only unprincipled deception, our reprobate leaders practice tyranny day and night.

They ridicule everything that is holy. They have perverted our laws and standards in the name of their illegitimate and nefarious king. They thoughtlessly drive the world toward globalism where an eventual king will be crowned ruler of earth. Only then will the degenerates reap the rewards of their foolishness. They know only hate and a plan for fools. These thieves rob us of our glory and disgrace the hallowed halls of justice.  

We are soft from good living and spoiled with the freedom of choice no other nation will ever know.  They ravage our sovereignty with no just cause. They consume our great heritage and diversity. They spend it to gain power over the Jews they hate. They reel with jealousy and plunder our life's pursuits arrogantly and hastily. Yet we fail to rise up.

In the affairs of state, they offend our sensibilities and our intelligence. They prop up stooges and jesters and call them statesmen. Each one of them disposed to wielding loud boisterous arguments as compensation for their single-minded education. They supplant reason with suppression and boorish and surly ridicule. They hide in dark corners surreptitiously cutting and pasting the will of the United Nations mystics into the template of a United States government bill. They proclaim sacrilege as worthy and declare plagiarism as accomplishment. They have not had time to read, much less write the words they hasten into law. Their deeds are heinous and beyond the pale. Yet we fail to rise up.

The media has exalted their leader to ineffable heights. They are an oligarchy of greedy cowards who will be the first to taste the wrath of their own wicked savior. These parasites must be stopped first and foremost before the gates of hell open wider.

Defend yourself against tyranny and rise up against illegal acts perpetrated by the leaders of the coup, that Trojan horse, that has stolen America and freedom from you and your children.

Where exactly do you draw the line if you are already backed up against the wall? -Hals

"Selfishness, insubordination, and laxity of morals give rise to combinations, which belong particularly to the lower orders of society. Restless, jealous, ambitious, and little minds are ever forming cabals. Factions belong especially to free governments, and are raised by busy and turbulent spirits for selfish purposes". Crabb

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