Between the taxes, illegal aliens, runaway spending,special interest groups and politicians in this country, the hard-working AMERICAN is watching their country be destroyed. We have to secure our borders, bring back jobs from oversees (who wants to speak to someone in India when they have a computer problem. I called in about a problem with my Microsoft word and asked to speak with an American and was told it would cost me $5.oo, this is ridiculous). I am tired of having to push 1 for English. I am tired of people taking 5 breaks during the day so they can pray. Why can't I take 5 breaks a day,not that I would want to...So many fine people have lost so much. We have to clean house in the White House and Washington DC. We have to take back our country. I have been unemployed for over a year. I used to earn over $150,000 a year. I have used up my savings and am worried about taxes going higher. I am mad and frustrated with the stupidity of WDC. Get Pelosi and Reid OUT. Thanks for allowing me to air my grievances. I have been fearful to do it in the past because of BIG BROTHER watching...But who cares, there is not much more they can do to me. GOD BLESS THE AMERICA I grew up in. I hope we can take our country back....

PS Please don't speak to your co-workers in a foreign language when I am checking out at your register...

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Comment by Catherine Boula on February 18, 2010 at 11:29pm
Sorry I spelled ridiculous incorrectly....



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