We extremists

There was an Op-Ed in today's Watertown Daily Times entitled On the fringes.
It stated that the party's endorsed candidates are "squirming" to explain what they are about.
I'm not squirming. I know what I stand for.
Limited government bound by the limits as set forth in the Constitution.
The Rule of Law where the government doesn't choose which laws to enforce and which laws to ignore.
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. I first took my oath to support and defend the Constitution when I was 18 years old and it did not come with an expiration date.
The Bill of Rights is not open to negotiation. The people are guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms. A true representative republic has nothing to fear from an armed populace.
A balanced federal budget pegged to a percentage of GDP and backed up with a flat or fair tax where everyone has "skin in the game."
Secure borders and enforcing our current immigration laws.
The sanctity of human life.
Strong national defense.
Lifting the burden of the world's highest corporate tax rate and regulations that will lead to investment, business creation, jobs, economic growth and prosperity.

The writer stated that "extremism does not play well with the voters in the North Country." When did our Founding principles, fiscal responsibility and the Constitution become extreme?

The paper said it was important to know the abilities and background of the candidates. I didn't have to move or get a Post Office box in order to run. I was born and raised in the North Country. I was an altar boy, boy scout, played high school football and joined the Army right out of high school. 24 years 2 tours in Germany, Korea and three tours in Iraq later I came back home and now live on a farm in St. Lawrence County.

I am the only veteran in this race. I served with the 10th Mountain Division three times. I was the intelligence officer (S2) for 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade. I served in Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division twice when elements of the Climb to Glory division was attached to my 3rd Infantry Division in Baghdad.

I was also a military contractor on Fort Drum. There is no one in this race who can possibly understand the needs of the veterans, families, Soldiers and civilian employees on Fort Drum more. I have been all of the above.

My father had two factories close underneath him and was left unemployed. The first was the Diamond International plant in Ogdensburg. The second was the General Motors plant in Massena. My grandparents, uncles and many other family members owned and operated dairy farms, and I currently live on a farm myself. I understand the needs of the area's farmers because I am one.

I have a record of leadership, actually cutting government spending, drafting and passing legislation that the other candidates can't touch. I will stand by my record of being a responsible steward of the tax payers money, managing budgets, passing legislation and leadership.

There is another choice for Congress in the 21st District. Don't allow the parties or the media tell you who to vote for. Don't allow the media to label you as an extremist if you believe in the founding principles of the Constitution, believe that America is exceptional, and that this district is exceptional.

Government has gone off the rails. I will set it right.

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