We can win the voter ID battle.

2 judges in WI have said requiring ID to vote is unconstitutional and voters would be disenfranchised. Aren't We citizens then being disenfranchised each time we're required to show ID for Sudaphed, cigarettes, alcohol, traffic stops, cash checks, sign up for welfare, board planes, etc? I feel if it's unconstitutional to show ID to choose our " lawmakers" then it should be illegal to require ID for anything! Seriously, we need to band together, find an attorney and file suit alleging the same things the lefties are, We can show the ridiculousness of their suit, when ALL things are considered. We are ALL being disenfranchised, if we can't find the money or a ride, to get and ID!!!
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  • good idea......I thought that the other day.......that hell, lets just toss the need for ID for anything.

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