By: Juan Reynoso, WTP- activist -

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."


Fellow Americans, we are in a moral and economic crisis. Our country’s moral leadership it’s gone; Washington have become the center of this culture of corruption, a threat to the moral fiber of the new politicians that we sent to represent the people of this country. We all know who they are, and our job is to vote them out and ban them from any political post in our country, we must expose and vote out, all these corrupt members of congress that fail to protect our constitution, follow the rule of law and betray the people of the United States.

We build this country, this land is our land, our American is the land of the native Americans, the black people that was force to come here and the Immigrants that come from all corners of the world to seek freedom and be part of this great country; we work hard and fought many wars to make this country what it is today. Fellow Americans, the fact is that today our country is in a moral and financial crisis; greed for money and power is destroying our country from within; the elite of the financial, corporate and political system are united and working in complete collaboration for their benefit; under the pretense of fighting for democracy and human rights, our government masterminded and executed the motives to gain the peoples support for the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan in violation of our constitution and the rule of law, they killed thousands of our own people and millions of innocent people in the middle east.  We know that these wars were to control the oil resources and exploit these countries at our expenses and for their benefit.

We the People must face reality and purge our political system and ban the corrupt politicians from the political arena, we must re-store the moral leadership in our political system, to get our country on the path of economic freedom and social justice.

Americans must ask the following questions to the candidates for president in 2016. We need in the white house a statesman,  man or woman that believe and stand for our constitution, our God given rights and the laws of this land; freedom and democracy comes when the people is well informed and not controlled by a corrupt government propaganda machinery as we are today.   

Here are the questions:

1- Will you as president, will do everything in your power to prosecute George W. Bush and Obama for war crimes and violation of our Constitution, the rule of law and crimes against humanity?.
2- Will you as president will review all free trade agreements and seek agreements that promote jobs for Americans and the economic development of our foreign partners and end the exploitation of foreign nationals by US corporations?
3- Will you as president protect and defend our constitution and the rule of law and not be part of any conspiracy to overthrow any foreign government to benefit any US corporation?
4- Will you as president; will prosecute any corporations that bribe foreign governments to get control of any foreign natural resources and by doing so damage the integrity and honor of the United States?
5- Will you as president work on a tax reform that will end the concentration of wealth in our country and promote the development of small business in every state of this union?
6- will you as president will end the welfare system and re-store the dignity of the American people by making every American count in the making of an American that champion interdependence for prosperity?.
7- Will you as president will end the News Media monopoly and re-store the free press by prosecuting the directors, CEO and owners of a news media that force employees to manipulate and distort the truth?
8- Will you as president will end the Federal Reserve Bank and place the American economic and welfare of the American people before the greedy Bankers interest?
9- Will you as President pass an immigration reform, secure our borders and update our immigration system to insure that all immigrants subscribe to our American system of government, our constitution, our system of law and moral principles?.
10- Will you as president; will make an education reform that will make the state not the federal government the responsibility to establish a free education system and development of the man power to support the economic and welfare of the state and the citizens of that state?
11- Will you as president promote the sovereignty of the states of this union and follow the constitution on this matter?
12- Will you as president protect the people of these united states from the en slavery by debt and the exploitation of the poor by predators loan companies,  Bank charges that do not support the economic development of the state and nation?.

13- Will you as a president will stop the surveillance of citizens and permanent residents of this country and follow the law and the Fourth Amendment of our constitution?

These are the main issues that will promote jobs, end poverty and promote our country’s economic and welfare; stop our country from any military interventions and the colonization of the emerging countries and promote peace and world prosperity. We must end all wars; wars are make to benefit the world elite the promoters of the one world order The UK and the USA.


Bush  New world order.

Bush lies expose, but banned in the US by the news media

The truth is ignored and the waste of our money continue.

If You want to know the truth watch this.

End the Federal Reserve Bank.

NSA's Gen. Keith Alexander NSA Director is a criminal, he must be prosecute.

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