We Are One Rallies

What are we doing about these rallies.We need to expose thier agenda.We need to reach the average union member that is unaware of what thier union bosses agenda's are.I feel that once we educate the union members on what thier children and thier childrens childrens quality of life and loss of thier constitutional rights will be they will demand that thier unions stop using the union members money for the union bosses political agenda's.
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  • lets figure on how to spread the newa.Try and really get people engaged.Pres.obama is trying his hardest to get the young people to stand up.All he wants is for them to stand up for his cause.Which in my opinion is a new world order. We need to reach the young just to educate them and let them make up thier own mind on where they stand in this very fagile world.

    i am a open minded person and only want what is best for our country.I stand by the constitution.our rights and freedoms are slowly being taken away from us.i try to enlighten people every chance I get. I do find that most people just look at me as if I have two heads.I think people will realize that what we are saying is right but if they dont do this soon it will be to latr.thanks again. Ken

  • U 2. Keep spreading the news people r really starting to listen. We need to pull together and stop the madness in every area of politics. People need to know this movement is not red or blue it's American.
  • thats great . I hope you are right...most union memebers are true blue Americans  and they did not realize how they were being used. I am glad that they are waking up. Thank you for your reply. have a great day.
  • I am a private union member and know very well that a large percentage of our dues go to politicians and or the backing of certain politicians. That being said i recently received our monthly newsletter and it contained website information for a number of grassroot organizations. I think they're listening now. As a union member and a true blue American I can tell u any representatives r either goning to start listening or be prepared to deal with alot more fire red Americans.
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