We are Losing to the Communist

I see nothing on God’s green earth that might turn most economic charts around and dozens of serious reasons to believe they will all get much worse this year. America is just on another road to Greece (hyper-inflation instead of bankruptcy). Voters gave the Republicans in Congress the power to change things but they made some noise and kicked the Conservatives in the nuts. In six years, Obama has been able to perform a quantum leap greasing the skids into Communism, Financial Collapse, and Islam. The Leftist are organized and dedicated to a total victory that eliminates all opposition. Most welfare and jobs (esp finance, education, government, media, businesses, and the military) are now based on Politically Correct Ideology, not ability. Conservatives are losing every battle and unless we change what we are doing (virtually nothing) and rock the streets for conservative values, we will totally lose everything to the Communist. Thank you Commie Liberals: ‘For all tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean.” Is 28:8            

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