We are in deep America!

Whatever happened to the days when all of us felt safe in America? I am not talking about threats from foreign invaders, or cyber-attacks but from inside this nation itself. I am talking about the Politicians that we have elected. I do admit that I am guilty of voting those into office that care more about their political careers and bank accounts than what their constituents in their districts need. Don not get me wrong, a very small percentage may care, but the whole systems needs to be revamped. To my understanding of American history our politicians, either local or federal was to serve one purpose. That is to serve the interest of the American people. Then again look at America 2013, a mess in many senses politically.

I am active in social media and I have seen and read man opinions about politics today. Obama, Biden and their Democratic Party views and so called accomplishments. The Republicans and all of their solutions to our nation’s problems and debts. Wake up America what I see here, and what anyone can see is that these people are not helping, but hurting this great nation. Do you know how much it hurts that every day we have to worry about what is being taking away from us, what taxes are going up, what programs are being lost, and how our lives are suffering because of these people.

What we need to do is change the system. Too many of us are comfortable with the politicians that we currently have in office. But stop and think people about what I am saying here. Take someone voted into Congress 10 years ago. This person was for example a normal everyday lawyer with the average bank account of $100,000. Not he or she is voted into Congress and with a yearly salary of $174,000. Ok in 10 years their total salary was $1, 7400.00. But they had bills, expenses and a family to pay for. Now explain to me why their net worth is 3 or even 10 times more than that. Where did this money come from? Why did they receive it in the first place? If you or I had this mysterious money comes into our bank accounts we would be immediately questioned and possibly audited. My point is that it is seriously obvious that special interest groups are feeding out Politicians money for their own special needs, and that our lovely Politicians are voting for where the money comes from, than what the people need.

I have read somewhere that the modern Politicians that we have in Congress and the Senate hate each other’s party’s so much that no matter what the one proposes the other will automatically vote against it. Whatever happened to “For the People”? In 2013 it is for themselves and their careers. They would rather vote in ways to get their careers boosted than vote on what helps us. I say enough of the way the political system is run now. We need something different.


                What needs to be done is simple. Change things. Change that is in office, change the way the system works, change the way we vote, and change the way we feel. I myself work in a truck stop. If I did not do my job to the requirements of the management of this business I would easily be fired. Why can these politicians. So what do I do, I bust my butt to make sure I do my job to the best of my ability. We need to resort to the days where Congress had to vote for us or be voted out. They have too much security in their offices. Change the system, change the ways our Congress is “helping” America. We need a “Voting Revolution”. If Congress can’t do their job we need to mass vote them out of their respective offices and replace them with individuals who shall work for us, not for themselves.

I am one voice, one vote. We need to get everyone on the same page as I am. Some of you will not agree with me, some more (hopefully many more). But we need to act now because if not our system and out way of life will end as we know it and all of us will be zombies to a corrupt, selfish uncaring political system. There is a heck of a lot riding on change, and not just domestically. Congress is so blindsided by their hatred and stubbornness toward the other party that our American way of life will cease to exist. Look at the threats of China…that is another issue to deal with…



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