By: Juan Reynoso, WTP- activist - voteforamerica@gmail.com

"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Corporate greed and the love for power and money are evil.

We will reclaim control of our own country. United we stand defending our freedom and our economic prosperity.

http://economyincrisis.org/?gHYPERLINK "http://economyincrisis.org/?gclid=CPq17JDap8MCFdNj7AodqF4APA"cHYPERLINK "http://economyincrisis.org/?gclid=CPq17JDap8MCFdNj7AodqF4APA"lHYPERLINK "http://economyincrisis.org/?gclid=CPq17JDap8MCFdNj7AodqF4APA"id=CPq17JDap8MCFdNj7AodqF4APA

Fellow Americans, it is time to change this political and social economic paradigm. We know our work and the years we labor to build our country; we endure wars and economic hardship, but we cannot continue this path of self-destruction and tolerate this wicked Washington network of collaborators who call themselves the United States Government. http://howtheworldreallyworks.info/

This is the truth and no matter what we do, we cannot change all the things we done. Our blind trust in our government made us part of all this historical events of criminal activities that our government was engage under the pretense promoting democracy, human rights and freedom. What we have discovered is that they are a bunch of sociopaths and sycophants that their main objective are the world’s control of natural resources and humanity; they are  impostors of moral leadership with an ideology of criminal attitude that the means justified the ends. Our country’s leaders are criminals, killers without conscience or remorse they have not value for human life and humanity, we are all expendable and they will kill us if they can benefit by doing so.

We know that we live where Satan’s throne is, but we have the power to change all this because our principles and faith in God all mighty, we have hold fast to his name and have not denied our faith in our Lord Jesus; we realize how far we have fallen, we must repent, and do the work that needs to be done to re-store our moral leadership in our country. Do not be afraid of anything, they will throw some of us into prison, we may be tested, and we will face an ordeal for a time but remain faithful until we get our freedom and an honorable place in the world community.

The authority and power to reclaim our country comes from our Father and his son our Lord Jesus; The king of all kings, the true ruler of this world and to him we will give our life if need be for social justice, the respect for life and human dignity. This is our land and we will embrace all human beings, no matter their race, color or national Origen, we are our brother’s keeper’s promoters of freedom, moral character and principles. We love, trust, respect and defend our fellow man; we believe that all man are created equal. “WE ARE AMERICANS”

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