My hero Joe Arpaio has his posse doing some leg work that sets out to prove Obama's birth certificate is a fake. It gives us another reason to hate Obama but this whole birther issue is a distraction and a way that we can tie up time, resources and $$$ and the liberals don't have to do anything.

I suggest we dedicate our focus on maintaining the House and winning majority in the Senate. It is Congress who spends the money, Congress who makes the laws.

I won't suggest we abandon the presidency like the traitors at, I'm only saying that we need to have focus and this birther issue is not going to win us the Presidency or more seats in congress.

Let's first assume that the long form is indeed a forgery:

Obama's lawyers can tie this up for years and years. He will be long forgotten and completely irrelevant by the time this ever gets to a court. There are lines of experts who will testify that the document is legitimate and only a few 'experts' who will claim it is false. It will result in nothing but more questions and no solid results. Remember I'm not talking about justice I'm talking about focus.

Now lets assume that the document is legit:

We spend all this time, money and manpower to embarrass and discredit our cause. The reason you don't hear any defense is because we are doing a great job destroying our already fragile position in the political spotlight. It wouldn't surprise me if the long form document was intentionally made to look odd just to distract us.

What we have to gain from this goose chase is so little compared to what we have to lose. Will Trump ever be able to recover from the embarrassment he suffered? He will never be more than a reality show subject. Any hope of being a national political figure with any credibility has gone out the door and it was by his own hand. Our precious Tea Party should not engage in risky, low payoff endeavors. Let's put our focus and our money on topics that will produce results.

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  • You make sense. But it will not hurt to suspect that Obama is a phony, and to say things that add to that suspicion.  Take Rush Limbaugh. What he said about Fluke was right on target. His mistake was calling her a slut.  We should give ourselves credit for being able to reason, and leave off the name calling.  Let the liberals call us names to their hearts content. It's the way to lose an election.  

  • Justice Philip Berg from Pennsylvania, a long standing defender of the Constitution is personally sueing Obama as being ineligible for President.  Thank the LORD our state is in the loop and on the right side without going along with Constitutional corruption.

  • Seven states are trying to stop Obama via their Secretary of State persons who either put his name on the ballot or not.  Pray that it is not put on the state ballots; he will then lose all those electoral votes necessary to carry on his havoc and building new Fema camps for your children and grandchildren.  The Feds passed a bill that O can imprison you without you having legal counsel.

    Some states have passed a bill already overriding Obama's Indonesian style of governance.

    Wake up everyone!

  • Have you seen Sheriff Joe's news conference on the eligibility issue Marc?!
  • Apparently we have not been keeping up on current events. We have nothing more to loose.

    If we allow the very foundation of our country, the US Constitution to be so blatantly ignored by allowing an individual who IS Constitutionally unqualified to hold the office of President of the United States and allow Barry "O" to continue running his SCAM on "We the People" than we get what we deserve, a Socialist/Marxist Dictator.

    For example, in the State of Washington we now have mail in ballots! Sound GOOD, well except for the fact that Union workers, that support Usurper Obama, will be counting the votes. Let me think about that for a minute?

    What about George Soros and the "Secretary of State Project" that was implemented in 2006! Sound familiar, oh yea the Socialist/Marxist Democraps took control of the House and Senate didn't they? Next the 2008 Presidential Elections, etc.

    And let's not forget George Soros infamous words, "I don't care how the people vote, I only care about WHO COUNTS THE VOTES!!!!

    As much as I respect Mr. Lloyd had we have fought harder over Usurper Obama's fraudulent birth certificate in the beginning we would not have spent $800 plus billion dollars in a phony Stimulus Package; or ObamaCare; or SB-510; or Net Neutrality; a DHS that aids illegal aliens and Islamic Terrorists while coming after American Citizens for exercising their 1st Amendment Rights; or the EPA running rapid destroying jobs, companies, and farmers; NEED I GO ON BECAUSE I HAVE A LOT MORE!

    Until "We the People" figure out how we can hold a FAIR and JUST election, save YOUR MONEY, you are going to need for food!

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