Washington Leaders Really think that we are stupid.

By: Juan Reynoso, activist  -  voteforamerica@gmail.com

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"Americas must realize that self-scrutiny is not treason. Self-examination is not disloyalty."

Fellow Americans, Our Washington Leaders Really think that we are stupid.  The Power Elite are victims of their own greed; for power and money they become puppets of the big money.

AIPAC and CREDO.  AIPAC was created in the 1950s and empowered by Israel's 1967 war victory, the American Israel Public Action Committee, better known as AIPAC, has grown evermore influential since the mid-1970s. Known in Washington all too simply - and tellingly - as The Lobby, AIPAC's power has historically stemmed from two major sources: Domestically, from the influential and organized Jewish communities - all 49 leaders of major Jewish organization have seats on AIPAC’s executive committee; and internationally, it stems from Israel's regional utility to the United States in the context of the oil-rich Middle East and Cold War rivalry. 

 Eventually, these two factors have paved the way for greater political alignment between the Jewish lobbying group and various interest groups, ranging from Christian Evangelicals to ideological militarists, to make up the larger "Israel lobby" in America.

AIPAC's influence over Congress and its legislative agendas are paramount for its overall lobbying effort in the capital, on the White House and America's foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond. AIPAC's strategy is one of barter, pure and simple.

AIPAC helps congressmen and women get elected - financially and otherwise – in return for their support of its legislative agenda.  AIPAC helps US presidents pass their various agendas through Congress in return for White House support for Israel.

AIPAC has more than a hundred thousand members, a network of seventeen regional offices, and a vast pool of donors. The lobby does not raise funds directly. Its members do, and the amount of money they channel to political candidates is difficult to track. But everybody in Congress recognizes its influence in elections, and the effect is evident.

On July 23rd, officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee—the powerful lobbying group known as AIPAC—gathered in a conference room at the Capitol for a closed meeting with a dozen Democratic senators. The agenda of the meeting, which was attended by other Jewish leaders as well, was the war in the Gaza Strip. In the century-long conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the previous two weeks had been particularly harrowing. In Gaza, there were scenes of utter devastation, with hundreds of Palestinian children dead from bombing and mortar fire. The Israeli government claimed that it had taken extraordinary measures to minimize civilian casualties, but the United Nations was launching an inquiry into possible war crimes. AIPAC endorsed a Senate resolution in support of Israel’s “right to defend its citizens,” which had seventy-nine co-sponsors and passed without a word of dissent, in fact what we do is support the killings of innocent people.

Fellow Patriots, our country is run by psychopaths and sociopaths. We need to clean-up Washington and on 2014 – 2016, elect statesmen that promote public good and can be recognized for probity, moral leadership and the courage and the qualities that are needed to govern our country. The Tea party must support believers of our constitution, our God given rights and the rule of law; we must stamp out corruption in our government.

Our choice for President is:  1- Rand Paul, 2- Tex Cruz, 3- Ben Carson and 4- Marco Rubio. We need to choose the best of this group, to represent us; not the corporations.

The Senate race is the most important let’s focus on candidates that believe and support our constitution, the rule of law, our sovereignty and our God given rights to self-determination, we do not need this government controlling our life nor our family and child’s education.

Support the best candidate and vote for America


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