Washington Hypocrisy

I am so sick of the finger pointing, the blame game, that constantly goes on in Washington. These people, even Reid for example, forget who hired them. They seem to think that once they get the job they can do just exactly what they feel like doing. And Pelosi, OMG, will she ever stop the ranting? But here is the thing that is not limited to one side or the other: They think we are too stupid to understand what only they know. Our feeble minds cannot possibly understand what is meant by all those big words that have to do with the financial crisis our country is in. I mean let’s face it we are just way to inept to grasp all that confusing jargon. (Yes, I am being sarcastic)


But that being said the problem with their thinking is they have completely underestimated the power of the people who put them there in the first place. In addition, ironically, most of us have a higher education then most of them. But they have played Washington politics for so long, they have gotten away with these unscrupulous behaviors, and they have do not have to answer to anyone, let alone the American public. Holding them accountable is where change occurs. It is a lot of work and time consuming, nonetheless it is critical if we our kids, and grandkids, to have the future they are entitled to. Government needs to downsize dramatically and get the heck out of private business. I don’t know about you but I didn’t sign on for socialism/communism, consequently peaceful, loving change is in order. We cannot lower ourselves to the name-calling, lying, and petty behavior that many of them display. We have to remember at all cost that we are better than that and in the end the truth always prevails.


The internet, along with other social media tools, have played an important part in spreading the word and 'enlightening' people at a much quicker rate then decades ago. Some of these people, like McCain for example, need to move along and get out of Washington where their backstabbing, lack of veracity, accompanied by his constant flip-flopping will no longer be tolerated by the American people. If we accept these behaviors, as a people, such as the comments made by McCain yesterday, we have learned absolutely nothing. You know, we have all been in difficult positions at one time or another, where we had to stand alone for what we believe in, yet somehow we managed to survive; we can hold our head high as a result. Integrity is the one thing that can never be taken away.

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