4063679178?profile=original            Former Astronaut Mark Kelly and NRA VP  & CEO Wayne LaPierre

                     Battle at U.S. Senate Hearing over Gun Control

Legitimate gun owners and supporters of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment have good reason to be outraged by Mark Kelly’s publicity trick to further gun control efforts in America. According to published Fox News reports, the former astronaut and husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a shooting victim 2 years ago in Tucson, Arizona purchased an AR-15-style rifle and a 45.-caliber handgun.

This comes on the heels of his highly publicized efforts in both Congress as well as in Colorado to assault the U.S. Constitutional rights of legal gun owners to own weapons. In fact, his comments which he posted on Facebook, according to published reports seem disingenuous, when he states that people could easily buy similar guns at gun shows or over the internet without background checks.

The fact is, Kelly did actually do exactly what other law-abiding citizens in Arizona or any other state in the union have done beforehand. The Diamondback Police Supply gun shop where he reportedly purchased the weapons from, followed state law and had him undergo the mandatory background check.

Well, surprise, surprise he passed without any hiccups. So what was his point?

Many supporters of gun rights have weighed in on his open display of reactionary theater, by correctly pointing out that his entire stunt accomplished was to bring attention to his and his wife’s newly formed gun control organization named, Americans for Responsible Solutions.

It appears that the organization’s leader, Kelly, was actually seeking to create irresponsible reactions from fellow gun control sympathizers who would somehow rise up in hysteria and join up or gin up more donations to his national gun control cause.

What Kelly does not seem to want to accept, is that as tragic and woefully unfortunate the mass shooting of his wife and others on that horrendous day in the Tucson area shopping center, it was not performed by law abiding citizens going on a rampage.

Her attempted assassination was due to largely in part to relaxed mental health laws dealing with mentally unbalanced and severely disturbed individuals that the mental health system in Arizona and other states have not be responsible for.

Kelly, instead resorted to the quick, the easy, and the attention-headline grabbing techniques which are assured to raise the ire of mainstream media liberal heads. The goal of course is to place greater pressure on states like Colorado, which was recently caught up in a monumental gun control pitched battle in their democrat controlled state legislature. That highly restrictive gun control legislation has now been signed into law.  What states are next to fall victim?

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  • Many guns are purchased as an investment which after many years will rise in value which protects the gun investor from rampant inflation and helps him to maintain the value of his money.....which the very liberals who are against guns have caused our inflation because of their unending spending addiction.

  • The liberals don't want to seek a real solution ...no...they want to further the take over of the U.S  by getting rid of all guns.  Obviously the real solution is to seek and help the mentally deranged.  But that is too obvious.  It is also too obvious that when law abiding citizens will not have guns then only the criminals will have them.  The criminals will not be going to a gun shop and do the background check thing but they will buy them on the street or have them smuggled in from other countries and only God knows how else they will get them but be assured they will get them.  It is obvious that disarming the public WILL NOT DISARM THE CRIMINALS!   Duh.....  The liberals really believe that we law abiding citizens are dumber than dirt and they can trick us into believing that white is black.

  • 'Cheap trick', describes every thought and action of the mindless, spineless, and misguided anti-gun element of this society. They continue to use fabricated "facts", and numbers on gun issues, refuse to acknowledge anything positive about lawful gun ownership, and enjoy mainstream media's comradeship. Weak-kneed, slobbering liberals represent the economic and social sewer we are now wading in. Back-door gun-control, one piece at a time, is their agenda, with total disarmament the end-goal. This has been lurking behind the stage for many years, is now full-steam ahead with Obama, Holder, and Hillary helping the phony, anti-America UN with their one-world-order dreams. Cheap-trick also describes our entire political arena that us sheep are corralled  by...their great pay, and the joke, is on us.

  •    The rules to determine if a citizen is fit or unfit to purchase and possess firearms , both physical and MENTALLY , should apply to ALL who handle firearms on the taxpayer's dime as well , The Mental fitness in particular . 

  • John Dunlap, I agree. But hey, they won't apply the Law to themselves! They never do! There is a cop in the county seat who is arrogant and a smart-ass. He acts like he is a tough guy and stands about 5'6" and has been in my yard regarding livestock getting out of the fence and stands there threatening me with his hand on his holster. He bullies and acts unbalanced half the time with his attitude and he would be one I would fear would throw his wieght around arresting and shooting civilians just to prove he is macho.

    However, here is an idea: if they enforce deeper background checks they need to ask if they are Liberal and if so they are restricted!

  • Does not change the fact that he Fraudulently reported on the form that he was purchasing the weapon for personal use and had no intention of keeping the weapon (Federal Law violated for perjury on a federal form) not in jail nor questioned by the FED's WHY?  he should have done his time for federal weapons violation | perjury | on a federal form!  Who's not pressing charges?  Why isn't the HSA providing me with protection from this maniacal liar?  Why isn't someone prosecuting, he exercised his right to purchase, legal act, then violated a federal mandate, illegal act!!!!!! Simple, RIGHT???  He advertised both his intent to not keep the weapon before his purchase on FACEBOOK and then proceeded with a federal violation (GO TO JAIL) RIGHT?????  Is this thing on???

  • kelly and his wife seem to be getting a lot of mileage out of her shooting, and i wonder who is funding them...when giffords was shot we all felt for her...but now she and the hubby are becoming poster children for the lefts tyrannical agenda....even when shot in the head...these leftist crawl back to stick it to us...they just never go away.

  • i don't know if i would call this guy an american hero,i mean what did he really do he flew up to a space station,i mean really! hell i would give anything to do that,theirs all ready a bunch of rich people trying to buy their way on the first cicilian flight. for thousands of dollars

  • In light of Kelly being a former astronaut , married to a a well known Politician and with a clean criminal record , passing a background check was a given . He knew he would pass with flying colors and no problems what so ever . And with the subsequent photos of his wife (Gifford) shown holding and firing Assault type weapons , one phote where she is firing an AK 47 , the notorious Soviet style AR and favored weapon of both world terrorists and drug cartels and , the most plentiful AR in the world . One can not help but feel that yes , this was a cheap trick . But then such tactics are that of the liberal left and those of the Democratic Party who stop at nothing when it comes to attempting to ram their agendas through . If these politicians , their families and sheep like followers are so fond of these Communist principles and tactics , I suggest they move to some Communist country , China , Cuba , North Korea or perhaps to one of the Communist African countries post haste and leave Americans alone . If one notes , when America was armed , when civilians were armed , there was much less violent crime . History according to Hollywood is often depicted to show lots of violence , blood and gore . Western's always have lots of shoot outs to keep the audience happy . In truth , the west was much tamer than most believe , no saturday night shoot'm up's , no multiple mass killings . Because most were armed and or had access to fire arms people were polite and civil . An armed populace is a safe populace , better to have the gun and not need it than to need it and end up dead .

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