WARNING: For No Information Voters Only

If you’re a Republican and have been thinking about fleeing from the evil Republican party and joining with the America loving Democrat party the statistics below should help you with your decision.

List of bankrupt cities in the United States

City of Detroit – Mayor David Bing is a Republican.
City of San Bernardino, CA – Mayor Patrick Morris is a Republican.
Town of Mammoth Lakes, CA - Mayor Jo Bacon is a Republican.
City of Stockton, CA – Mayor Ann Johnston is a Republican.
Jefferson County, AL - Mayor William Bell is a Republican.
City of Harrisburg, PA - Mayor Linda D. Thompson is a Republican.
City of Central Falls, RI - Mayor James Diossa is a Republican.
Boise County, ID - Mayor David Bieter is a Republican.

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  • Awaken, Lord Jesus, Awaken in me, Awaken in my brethren for all America and the world to see. Let your light shine forth Lord Jesus let it shine through me. Let my enemies be blinded seeing you instead of me.

     The God fearing American people through the Spirit of Jesus call evil out into the light and command you to surrender your evil powers over America, our holy land.

    From this moment forward, only people who place their right hand upon the Constitution of the United States of America and publicly confess Jesus as their Brother and God as their Father in heaven shall we grant governing power over us.

    From this moment forward, only people who place their right hand upon the Constitution of the United States of America and publicly confess that America is a holy land given by the Spirit Father God to a Jesus loving people, shall we grant governing power over us.   

  • I agree.  Anyone who LOVES JESUS will not want to sin because they know deep down inside of their soul that sin OFFENDS GOD.  A good example is when a child does something immoral or illegal, it causes pain to the parent...it offends the parent because the parent loves the child so much that the wrong hurts the parents heart.  The same holds true with God, in that, He loves his children so much that it hurts and offends Him when they sin.  The love that a person has for God reminds them that they should not sin, i.e., should not do anything that breaks the Ten Commandments and all that each commandment covers which is a multitude of sins that a person can commit.  A person of morals not only loves God but over the years has developed a finely honed conscience through prayer and religious instruction.  The more one ignores the presence of God in his/her life the more that person will move to the dark side, inadvertently.  A life without God is an invitation to the devil to move in  and influence their behavior.  Prayer is the key to freedom.

  • We can legislate people who have morals. If they really love Jesus, they'll hate evil and most likely have decent morals. Our politicians put people first. They should put God first and we the people should know what politicians put God first. I don't care what religion a politician practices, I want their heart to be striving toward God first and foremost.

  • The USA is a secular nation 

    I do favor having moral people lead us.

    That being said

    We can not legislate morality to those who do not believe because it will not work.

    Jesus said let the clean be clean and the filthy be filthy still.

    The free gift of life ever lasting must be chosen freely or it is not a gift.

    Hope springs eternal for the King of Kings will Return soon

  • I say we don't vote for democrat or republican, or for good or evil, or for the lessor of two evils; as you call it, James, and rightly so. I say there is only one choice; we vote for Jesus. Haven't you ever heard of the Jesus party? The Jesus Brotherhood? Those who faithfully serve Jesus do not willfully sin. The politicians who serve Jesus first will serve the people the way the political system was intended to operate by our forefathers. Jesus is a universal solvent and will clean any dirty soul.

  • So what are you suggesting there Rev.

    That the lessor of 2 evils is a good idea?

    Sin is Sin 

    There are more than 2 choices in politics  have you ever heard of the Conservative party or the constitution party or the Libertarian party?

    Voting for the lessor of 2 evils is still supporting evil.

    Voting for the "BEST" person regardless of their chances of winning is the right moral decision, all others are to support the lessor of 2 evils 

  • This can't be satire. The Chaplin may not have had his coffee....
  • Michael, all of the pols you listed are democrats Oh satire I missed it.
  • I'll bet that is only the tip of the iceberg.  We can thank the liberals in both parties for the uncontrolled spending at every level of government.  STOP THE SENSELESS SPENDING!

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