Decided to run for US senate. I believe one should work for the people first and family beyond his own greedy needs. If I am elected I will hold to these truths, I come from grassroots growing up in a town that was a farming community, In school I went to every student or at least 95 percent came from working farm families . I have sat here and watch what our government has done in doing just what the American public does not want. Our constitution is what our country has been founded on and it is not being followed, laws changing to the benefit of the people that are in there now. Not the benefit of you the American citizen. You deserve a honest voice.. one who will listen to you,  If I do get elected I will set up a website and listen to the majority of my constituents. The site will list bills I will be voting on and it will have a section for you  the people to vote yes or no on each and every bill that comes across my desk. I will vote with the majority of those who vote, this will give all the people I will represent your voice in government . this is a solemn promise to you, the American public of this Great nation. I hope and pray that this will happen and I am looking for anyone with ideas on how this can be accomplished with your help  to make this happen. Thank You and God bless America, Yours , Bruce E Everett

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