Walkin' Tall: Walker Inspires An Army

4063524358?profile=originalA friend informed me that Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall on the same day President Ronald Reagan passed away, June 5th. She added that Walker reminds her of Reagan.

As Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, I have visited several cities in Wisconsin. Chatting with patriots across the state, they sang the praises of Gov. Walker's reforms and his remarkable courage. Despite intense and relentless pressure, Walker stayed true to championing conservative principles.

While we all knew that the democrat's attack on the Wisconsin governor had national ramifications, the result of Walker's courage is more powerful than anyone could have imagined. My goodness, this man has inspired a nation. Wow!

Gov. Walker stepped up, drew his sword of honor and defeated the multi-headed dragon of liberalism just when our tea party movement desperately needed a hero. Since the beginning of the democrat's absurd recall attack on Walker for simply keeping his campaign promises, Walker and his family have endured horrendous persecution and death threats. Even now, after Walker won the recall, the internet is littered with new death threats on Walker's life. Liberals are tweeting that someone should kill Gov. Walker. Don't you just love the liberal anti-war, let's-be-tolerant-of-everything crowd? Disagree with them and they demand that you be silenced, destroyed or killed.

Countless patriots have shared their research which confirms that our government is racing down various wrong roads, all leading to destruction. These patriots feel hopeless, unable to hit the brakes to turn America around. But Scott Walker has shown us that one brave committed man can make a difference.

Democrat mayor of San Jose, CA, Chuck Reed is battling the unions to restore his city to fiscal sanity. Mayor Reed said some city employees are making more money in retirement than they did when they were working. His city's system is corrupt and insane.

San Diego, CA, mayor Jerry Sanders is fighting to implement reforms which he says will save several billions over the next ten years. On average from 60% to the upper seventies, voters are supporting this new wave of courageous mayors and governors in their quest for fiscal morality and sanity.

Now that Scott Walker has led the way, I predict a tsunami of mayors and governors suddenly finding a backbone to say no to workers receiving immoral unsustainable benefits.

Ann Coulter called Walker's victory, “The recall heard around the world.” That is pretty powerful – one man!

I do not know about you, but I feel empowered – what I do does matter. Your book matters. Your video matters. Your song matters. Your running for office matters.

Brothers and sisters, imagine the power of an army of Scott Walkers – all fully committed to restoring the God inspired conservative principles which have made us a great and prosperous unique experiment – America. My name is Lloyd Marcus and I am Scott Walker!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • Lloyd, I am with you.  I do hope to meet you someday soon.  You have become a hero of mine.  I thank GOD for people like you that will speak the truth, no matter what.

  • I am Scott Walker and very proud!

  • It sure does!  I am so happy that Walker had the guts to stand up against the Unions!!!!  And I am glad we the people stood with him in support and I hope because of him others will follow and get the Unions out of business. Good job Walker!!

  • Yes! It does lift one's spirit and inspires us to continue!

  • Hey Joseph - not al lour founding fathers were like this - and change takes time.  The right people in the right place made that happed for your community, thank God and we will keep fighting the good fight.  No one will ever convince me we still have ramped white racism against blacks seeing this predisent day in and day out in our white house.  How is that even a coharent statement that they can hear themselves utter is beyond me.  I do believe that racism is still alive and well, but it's our gvt that is pitting the gulibel against anyone they point their finger at who is a conservative.

    I also believe that in order to cement our unity in spite of them we really need our next president to be a conservative who is also black.  Allen West would be just peachy by me and not due to his color on eht outside but rather his red, white and blue color in the inside that makes him who he is.

    But we know these race bating lefties and we need to adjust our tactics to put them in a box.  What is so wrong with that idea?  Allen West is a good man and he will certainly SHUT THEM UP once and for all - on many issues.

    Alas, our power controlling GOP and so called republicans have done their dirty work again and are holding up yet another "vote for the lesser of the evil" choices.  :(

  • We need to replace the hedge around America and rid our society of the greedy, lazy, ignorant fools that have done everything they can to diminish our morals.  With each immoral act we have sunk deeper and deeper into danger - we will have to replace those with our own acts to reclaim our righteousness and rebuild our hedge one at a time.

  • I grew up in the South where black folks were called the N-word.  Who ever dreamed that a black man would ever be President of the United States.

    The Founding Fathers owned slaves.  When the Constitution was written, black people were considered to be property, the same as mules and cows. The Constitution was written by property owning Europeans who didn't think anyone without property had any rights?  They tried to enslave native Americans.

    And now we've got socialists in control of America, who give the individual no rights at all.   It is good to know that at least some blacks are using their own good judgement.


    As far back as history goes, there has always been the self-anointed and their followers. No one but a black American has more for which to thank God.




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