Walker Victory Bash Short On Blacks.

4063522991?profile=originalOn election night, I was in the hotel hot-tub in Oak Creek, WI when my wife called from our home in Florida. Extremely excited, Mary yelled, “Gov. Scott Walker defeated the recall!” Then, I began receiving joyful texts and phone calls from around the country.

Congratulations to our family of patriots across America who sent money, made phone calls and prayed for Gov. Walker. Despite reports of the Democrats attempting to steal the election via voter fraud, the good guys, Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, still emerged victorious! Praise God!

While I am elated and very grateful for our victory which has huge national ramifications, something still troubles me. How long will a majority of my fellow black Americans keep hangin' with the brain dead partisan idiots?

On election day, our Tea Party Express team toured Wisconsin. We parked our tour buses at various locations – invited locals on board to use our Mobile Phone Bank. Our team stood along side the road waving US flags and signs which read, “We Stand With Walker!”

Motorist's thumbs up for Gov. Walker far out numbered the vile yells and crude hand gestures by the recall supporters. Why are these people so angry and nasty? During our day on the streets/front-line for Gov. Walker, the majority of the anti-Walker sentiment came from youths and blacks.

I attended a media event for Gov. Walker the night before the recall election. Of the hundreds in attendance, I was the only black in the hall other than two black reporters who were covering the event. And yet, blacks are all over the Democrat, Barrett's camp.

I find myself continuously frustrated that more blacks have not embraced the common sense conservative point of view represented by Gov. Walker. The majority of black Americans are always on the wrong side of the issues, sleeping with their enemy the Democrats.

Even more frustrating is sadly, the political stance of a majority of blacks Americans is brain dead; based solely on emotions. Facts, for the most part, are irrelevant.

Here is black America's view on politics: Republicans and conservatives are rich, white and racist SOBs. Black conservatives are Uncle Tom traitors to their race. You can bombard black democrats with the truth/facts all day and it will not matter. Their response will be: Bush got us into this mess. If you are black, you're an Uncle Tom for not supporting Obama. If you are white, you're racist for not supporting Obama's mad dash to socialism.

This morning, I watched the media desperately attempting to play down Gov. Walker's victory which is a devastating defeat for the democrats and Obama. On a local Wisconsin TV news program, a black reporter did a story about there being confusion about whether or not a photo ID is required to vote in Wisconsin. A black woman said she was denied the right to vote even though she had required ID. I find the woman's claim suspect. Am I the only black on the planet extremely insulted by the democrat's claiming that requiring voters to produce a photo ID will disenfranchise blacks? Blacks are not idiots!

On stage at Tea Party Express rallies, I whip out my photo ID. “Look folks, I have a photo ID!!! This confirms that the Obama administration, the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP are wrong – blacks are not too stupid to find their way to acquire a photo ID!” Audiences erupt in laughter and applause.

As a black Conservative Republican, I am use to being the only black at a Conservative/ Republican event. Still, I will keep hoping, praying and working to help more of my fellow black Americans to open their hearts and minds to see God's rich bounty available to them in conservative values.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman – www.CampaignToDefeatObama.com


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  • People in Europe mostly get their news about the USA from CNN and BBC, both of which are heavily biased to the left.

  • That is a sad situation, a friend of mine who is Jewish becsme a Messianic Jew (follower of Christ) and he of course felt compelled to tell his friends, Jew, athiest and Christian alike. Well, the mother of his best friend went off on him screaming, "How could you?! Don't you remember it was Christians who murdered us (during WW II)?!" My heart absolutely sank to hear that and my friend confirmed that was a common attitude. Hitler was by no means Christian and loathed Christians, though first pretended to be one. But THAT sticks with them despite the Left's rabid hatred of Israel and status as Islamic sycophants.. Makes no sense to me. I think the non-practicing keep this poisoned mindset but the devout Jews have a more realistic view and appreciation for Christian America's support for them.
  • It's not just blacks.  What about business owning, professional, religious Jews?  Why can't they understand their best friends and allies are white, conservative, Republican Christians -  not the Democrats for whom they vote. 

  • The rest of the blacks were in Florida following jessi the "let's start a problem here black." I feel so sorry for the black people though. I don't think the majority understand they are being made into slaves by this administration. Free this, free that, all hand outs and the black people just follow like lambs to the slaughter. And the panthers don't make things any better for their fellow blacks...

  • America's black population, as usual, is being manipulated by self-serving "authorities."  In fact, the majority of the American people are being manipulated.

    Judge Sumi recently put a preacher in jail for favoring spanking children. Sumi was the judge that ruled for public employee collective bargaining.  Many of America's judges have turned into unconstitutional dictators. From sanctioning owning black slaves, America's judges have turned to "preferred freedoms" for minorities, from one extreme to another, all in the name of the Constitution.  The reason is always the same. It’s for the good of all.  The Constitution is for the good of the individual.

    By putting the cart before the horse, the rich remain getting richer and the poor more dependent on bought and paid for politicians—through a crooked income tax—as America goes down the tube.

    In 1975, I challenged federal income tax, claiming it unconstitutional. At the time, the news media, upon the advice of the IRS, was warning tax protesters that they could go to jail. My claim was before the courts for eleven years, in fact before the tax court, three district courts, the court of appeals, and the Supreme Court, and without a lawyer.  I knew the law. I didn’t go to jail but neither was I heard.  In America’s courts, it is see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. I took the court record to the news media. An investigation was made.  Why, when the news media was warning tax protesters? The court record pointed to the outrageousness of the situation.

    The same public relations officer for the IRS who said that tax protesters were going to jail told the media that the IRS had made a regrettable mistake—which no judge ever saw.  The courts permit the IRS to make limitless mistakes for one reason: Authorities go to great effort and cost to acquire their positions of power and control.  The longer said control freaks remain in place, the more the expedience. The masses under their control tend to be weak-willed and unsure of themselves.  A front page story, from my evidence, proving the unconstitutionality of federal income tax, did not change anything.

    Once in a while comes a great leader who overcomes the establishment. Martin Luther King was such a leader.  He put an end to Jim Crow law.  Most of the black population remain victims of a crooked, self-serving establishment. What is it going to take? All I can say is that my ideas worked for me.  All of my dreams came true.

    The energy is building for a change. Hopefully, someone will take the lead. I’m merely the messenger. My book, In Earth as It Is in Heaven 2012  answers the question of power and control.  I’m to receive the final proof in a few days.  If I approve, my book will be available before the end of the month.  





  • James - I have frustrations with some blacks using past abuses as excuses as to why they didn't show up for school, study, apply themselves and then act outraged to find that they have terrible career prospects. But there are those who did break free of a crippling mindset within their culture and are fantastic successes, and some who risk all to stand by truth and right and tell their fellow black citizens to wise up, apply themselves because living on welfare is, if in their minds a "victory", certainly a pyrrhic "victory". I can't imagine the courage and conviction required to stand as a black conservative or Republican/Tea Party member in this day and time.
  • We must find a way to educate those who still do not understand the requirements for getting the country back on track.  Little do they realize that by supporting the current radical socialist agenda of spend more than you earn and attack the rich for the reason - is just the beginning of another NAZI styled war.  And with the recent announcement that Germany wants to manhandle the resto of Europe again through capital management of all other countries, we are heading down the same path as that of 1939 when "Hitler the Saviour" was placed into power. 

    Patriots, we must fiind a way......... 

  • blacks are the cry baby race.They live in the past.and want supereriority,not equality!

  • Protesting photo ID is really declaring their wish to cheat in elections and thus STEAL money, power and freedom from the people, and to disenfranchise we the majority ( the ethical hard working people ). They are criminal.
  • Lloyd, just remind them of the likes of George Wallace and Robert Byrd. There is a long list of democrats that were just like those two.  Those of us who grew up in the sixties understand what was happening. I believe that one day blacks and others will realize the democrats haven't kept all their promises, or that they were just dangling carrots. Socialism and communism that are simply dangling carrots that never seem to lead to a full basket.

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