The Pledge of Allegiance

Only 31 words -- Think about it!
Isn't life strange? I never met one Veteran

Who enlisted to fight for Socialism!

If Muslims can pray on Madison Avenue, and the subway areas in Toronto, why are Christians banned from praying in public and from erecting religious displays on their holy  days?

 What happened to our National Day of Prayer?
Muslims are allowed to block off Madison Ave., in N.Y.C., and pray in the middle of the street! And, it's a monthly ritual!

 Tell me, again,  whose country is this?  Ours or the Muslims?

 It is said that 86% of Americans & Canadians believe in God.

 Therefore, I have a very hard time understanding why there is such a problem in the U.S. having 'In God! We Trust' on their money, and having 'God' in their Pledge of Allegiance, or the Lord's prayer said in our schools or public meetings. The reason could be that we have elected atheist, communist, democrats and Muslims to our governmental offices and allowed them to change our country while we sleep! Wake up America while we still have a little of our once great country left.

 I believe it's time we stand up for what we  believe!

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Never grow a wishbone where a  backbone ought to be.


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