By Oscar Y. Harward


Democrat Party leaders in North Carolina for many, many years have vowed that there was little to no ‘Voter Fraud’ in North Carolina.  It was for this reason the NC Democrat party and the NAACP fought ‘against’ any and all ‘Voter ID’ to protect the integrity of voters.


An in-depth investigation may show ‘Voter Fraud’ in North Carolina is rampant.  If this is true as reported, every Democrat Party official in North Carolina owes the entire citizenry an apology.  The same applies to all others states as these corrupt Democrat Party officials must have had some knowledge.


My!  My!  My!  How does these fraudulent North Carolina Democrats even sleep at night?


North Carolina’s Democrat Party sidekick, the President of North Carolina’s NAACP President Rev. William Barber must apologize, admit, and resign.  However, do not expect the Rev. William Barber to apologize, admit, or consideration resignation as the money he is being paid is likely more important than his ‘conscience’ of truth.


‘Voter Fraud’ is more than just a simple criminal act.  It is the thievery of (y)our most precious Constitutional freedoms; the ‘RIGHT’ to ‘VOTE’ and for each of these votes to be fully and properly counted.


As a thief creating robbery and murder, there are some who wish to weaken, steal, and/or destroy (y)our precious ‘RIGHT’ to ‘VOTE’ and for each of these votes to be fully and properly counted.


It may be for this and other equal reasons as to why North Carolina’s Democrat Party and their supporting NAACP President William Barber continues to fight ‘Voter ID’ in NC and across other states while NAACP William Barber, himself, requires an official government ‘Photo ID’, just to attend his own meetings.


You must remember that NAACP William Barber gets more of his ‘Liberal’ Democrat Party groups as he leads a so-called ‘Moral Monday Movement’, a Democrat Party movement to move North Carolina’s political away from ‘lawful’ movement and leaning more to the left.

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