Vitriol As Defined By The Iron Curtain


Christopher talks about the president saying "end the vitriol" and then lines it up with the hate speech on Sirius XM Left (Clips of Stephanie Miller and Mike Malloy) he also plays clips from 3 calls in a row to the John Gibson Show where 3 liberals call for the death of Dick Cheney. Fox On The Run: Christopher exposes the ridiculousness of the left on the Gabrielle Gifford case in terms of this fox shooting a hunter in Russia, who is to blame? Fox News? The TEA Party? Sarah Palin? Talk Radio?? Where is the American left in terms of trying to get answers as to what motivated this fox to shoot this hunter? The Messianic Testament Segment: Christopher talks with Lillian Boyington and Mike Haynes from The Ministries of 4 Yahweh (


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