Vibe Magazine calls our party"Racist"

Friends, I read an article in the Pro-Obama "Hip-Hop" magazine called "Vibe" that compared us to the KKK (which is ironic, considering the KKK was a militant arm of the Democratic Party during both Reconstruction &the Civil Rights eras), Have they ever been to a Tea Party rally?, have they spoken to any of our members? I think this is pure slander of the lowest form. Is it racist to want limited government?, Is it racist to want lower taxes, lower debt (if not, no debt at all)?, Is it racist to hold our elected (or appointed) officials accountable to the oath the swore to uphold? Or is it racist to keep minorities dependent upon Government because the Government thinks they`re incapable of taking care of themselves, & making their own decisions, & using them as political fodder?  Ask Allen West, Roy Innis jr, Dr.Ben Carson, Mia Love, Sonnie Johnson, etc, if our party is racist. Racism is to the Democrats what the word "phony" was to Holden Caufield in "Catcher in The Rye".+

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  • You should read what the English called George Washington! Racist is a weak insult compared to what has been said about our Founding Heroes.

  • You will notice, if you haven't already, that just about everything the Democrats aka Socialists accuse the Tea party of is exactly what they are, most of the time, guilty of themselves. 

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