Veterans - ALCON - please read and act.

Every Veteran - regardless of the rank held in service - knows why this recent act of mr obama's was illegal past all knowledge - borderline treason.

Civilians seldom have experience with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and few understand that the UCMJ is actually codified from U.S. Code.... Federal Law.

Regardless; Every US Citizen who values what this Nation is supposed to be should be writing their elected today - not tomorrow - about what Mr Obama just did.....

Mr. Obama placed a Foreign National General Officer in charge of US Troops in defiance of the Constitution and US Law.

I ask that all reading this write your elected immediately - this is an extreme National Security Risk that cannot wait for Congress to decide they need to act - they need to act today, not tomorrow or five weeks from now.

My letter to my elected follows, please plagiarize or copy what you desire - but write your elected today.


STAFFERS: This is the highest priority, please expedite.

5 August 2014

The Honorable Senator Cruz

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Congressman Smith


I write today with extreme concern about a threat to the National Security and Sovereignty of our Nation.

Mr. Obama has placed a German General Officer in Command of United States Army Reserve Forces in Europe, USAREUR.

While I am certain Brigadier General Markus Laubenthal is an Honorable man – I am also certain the General is not an American Military Officer, not a US Citizen nor has General Laubenthal sworn a binding oath to the Constitution of the United States as has every other US Military Officer – US Citizenship and Oath are required by the Statutes of US Code...

To wit; General Laubenthal is not bound by Oath to the US Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ – US Code)! General Laubenthal is not "required" to follow any order from the United States. He is bound by the German Constitution and by the German form of UCMJ. His allegiance is to Germany – not the United States.

This is a bit more than simply problematic.

This is unprecedented in history..... Never before has a foreign Officer who cannot be held accountable to the Constitution of the United States or our UCMJ been placed in any position of Command in our Military!

Often times in the past there have been postings as Liaison Officers with Foreign allegiance, however; a liaison posting is NOT a Command posting Gentlemen... a Foreign Liaison Officer has no Command authority while THIS Foreign Officer will have Command authority over US Troops...

Gentlemen, this act by Mr Obama undermines National Security, it undermines National Sovereignty, it undermines the Morale of the Troops themselves....

It is illegal at a level that borders on Treason.

Gentlemen, I know none of you served our Nation in the capacity of a Soldier – I'm OK with that, it isn't for everyone – but know I served our Nation twenty-six years of my life in this capacity, retiring as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, my rank granted by Congress itself.

That being said; after serving so long, I and other Veterans like me, have knowledge and experience of how our Troops will think and react that others in your positions do not.

I do not begrudge or discredit your lack of this experience as I and most Veterans are without experience in the Political field – where you are...

Gentlemen, it is beholden upon you to listen to those with the knowledge and experience to determine factors you have no experience with yourselves. All of you do this on a daily basis with other topics.

This act by Mr Obama is far worse than simple “lawlessness”, this act actually borders on treason and must be publicly exposed as such!

While I understand you have concerns about “optics” and other political issues – I write concerning something far more serious that demands immediate action – this cannot “wait” until Congress is back in session – this needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

I understand Congress is stymied by the Senate and the “leader” there – this issue concerns an extreme National Security risk – a VERY extreme risk. A risk that cannot be allowed to continue even five weeks...

Gentlemen, please start connecting the dots. This administration needs to be immediately removed in it's entirety. I believe you have the tools and authority to do so, this same belief held – at minimum - by tens of millions of Americans.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

cc: MSM

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