Verterans Mobilizing to Face Radical Islam

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Vets are Mobilizing to Face Radical Islam

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American Veterans are getting mobilized nationwide through Veteran Defenders of America (VDA) to face the threat of the rise of radical Islamic terrorists in the homeland. ACT! for America, the nation’s largest national security organization with 80,000 members and 380 chapters nationwide, is launching Veteran Defenders of America and organizing the Veterans. The combined forces will provide organizational and strategic synergy that will optimize the effectiveness of patriotic Americans protecting their community.

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Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT! for America, and Major General Paul Vallely (U.S. Army, ret.), head of Stand Up America have teamed up together to speak to the media about this venture.

“There are 18 million veterans in the United States all highly trained in many areas,” says Brigitte Gabriel. “This training came at a high cost to the taxpayers and we have heard loud and clear from veterans that they still want to put this training to good use in the volunteer service to their country.”

With the arrest of over 50 home grown Islamic terrorists in the last 12 months plotting to kill Americans and commit terrorist attacks on American soil, it has become clear that concerned Americans must be the eyes and ears in their community, working with first responders to protect their community.

Veterans have training, skills and experience that uniquely enable them to respond to our government’s message that encourages family and community preparedness, citizen awareness and service to our families and our communities. From detecting suspicious activity prior to a crisis to helping with emergency management should a crisis occur, America’s veterans are being actively mobilized nationwide.


“I meet veterans everywhere who are concerned about threats to our security and our cherished liberties, especially the threat of radical Islam,” says Major General Paul Vallely. “As veterans, we swore an oath to defend our nation, and Veteran Defenders of America is going to give veterans a new vehicle to be the eyes and ears of freedom. I am proud to join hands with my good friend and fellow patriot, Brigitte Gabriel, in this exciting new venture!”

“Veterans are my heroes,” proclaims Ms. Gabriel. “I lost the country of my birth to radical Islam, so like our veterans, I know freedom isn’t free. I am honored to be partnering with General Vallely in this clarion call to veterans – America needs you!”

They Must Be Stopped by Brigitte Gabriel

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