Amendment 1 - Freedom of Religion, Press, Expression.Ratified12/15/1791. Note

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom ofspeech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably toassemble, and to petition the Government for a redressof grievances.

Also anybody who thinks it's okay to stone people to death or murder people for not agreeing with other people beliefs it violates thisamendment of the Constitution:

Amendment 8 - Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Ratified12/15/1791.

Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.

Author: Brian D. Hill

Simple Note to threatener: Give us lots of proof that the entire video and I mean the entire video was false or we won't take down thevideo. If you do not accept this term and attempt to force people toremove links to our website then you are not a reasonable human beingand is just another guy or girl working for the elite or a factionstarted by the elite. We have ways to advertise across the country usingadvertisement chains so anybody who wishes I censor information thatmay be true is just plain unacceptable. I understand parts of the videomay be false but the last part of it looks to be true according to thefact it was filmed from a foreign news station. I am against anyfactions that wish to take away rights and harm other people. I will notaccept any religious violence because the elite wants to murder us viathe Georgia Guidestones so that the population does not exceed500,000,000. That's why the elite wants radical religious groupsinciting conflict with one another so that the plot to exterminate partsof the human population can happen. This is the elites plan and I donot condone any gross or inhuman religious act. I support that Muslimshave their own beliefs BUT I will not cater to their religion underduress because doing so is what cults do to non believers. I am NOTanti-Muslim but I will not cater to any violent radical faction thatwishes to kill those that don't agree with their beliefs.

Also I will bring out any video that we believe is truthful because how do we know that the guy who said the video is false isn't adisinfo agent. I am still unsure about whether parts of the video aretrue or not but I want to talk with people that knows the subject beforeI remove it because I do not condone any kind of censorship whatsoever.I run a truth site and I will fight to bring out the truth.

Also according to the english version of the Quran reported directly to me by a Quran Researcher found out that all Muslims have toread all gospels of the bible which includes our bible so all Muslimsshould have to accept other peoples views including Christians. How isthis a hate site after what I have said? You believe what you believe! Ibelieve what I believe! Don't force me to follow any belief or I willfight back.

Right now threats are being passed to USWGO by a man that thinks that USWGO is a nazi hate site against peaceful Muslims instead of againstthe radical Islamic Factions that is one of the fascist groups being setupon the world to try to force convert the world into a WorldGovernment with a world religion under the guise of peace and unity butis really a framework for legalized enslavement and the start for amind-controlled police state. Globalists love religious groups killingeach other because it helps out their goal of reducing the populationfrom the billions to less then 500,000,000 according to the GeorgiaGuide Stones. I have witnessed the Georgia Guide Stones with my own eyesbut this was way before I ever got into going against the new worldorder. I have seen these stones myself so I know they are for real.


This is the threat we have received:

Dear sir or madam, I have just visited your website for the first time,
I saw a story titled "Mass Hamas Wedding in Gaza With Girls 6-9 Years Old",
this is a totally discredited story, it is a known exposed lie, it is a hateful
disgusting video designed to spread hatred and violence towards Muslims, and you
have made it a prominent story linked on your front page, not only that, but your
employee Brian D. Hill has added his own hate speach saying that the Quran encourages
prostitution, what kind of sick Nazi website do you run here to say that kind of thing?
You're website was linked by another website which I respect, which is why I visited your
website, I demand you remove that entire page and discipline your employee or I shall do
everything in my power to discredit your website and try to get links to your website removed
from other websites, I shall expose your website as being a Nazi hate-mongering, lying, fascist
website, I have noticed many videos regarding your site on
YouTube, that will be a start, please remove that page and apologise thank you

I never said that the Quran encourages Prostitution and I only report good news I find not to mention is was on beforeitsnews.

Also I am against any radical factions and fronts that have been set up by the worlds elite. Radical Islam is one of the oppressive forcesattempting to dehumanize the world and bring it into slavery. Anotherone of those fronts is the communist faction while another one isradical socialism. The elite does pedophilia, enslavement,dehumanization, eugenics, genocide and death, and other kinds of horrorsthrough many names and many false fronts.

I am scared half to death that Islam is being forced in America because I thought the Constitution said that the government shall makeno law in respect of a establishment of a religion which means that nolaw shall be in respect of a establishment of a religion whether it beChristian, Judaism, Muslim, or any other religion. The Sharia Lawviolates the U.S. Constitution because that law is based on religiousviews which can be distorted by elitists because we've seen all sorts ofreligious gospels and documents being censored before our very eyes.

Also I will admit after doing some more research some parts of the video I mirrored was misrepresenting the truth as an attempt to bashMuslims BUT the guy who said that it was legal to marry any age of girlswas from a foreign news station and that I am certain of. I did foundout that they weren't married to little girls according to a AFPnews report but how can I think that video I saw is fake as well ifit came from a foreign TV news station? There is two sides of thebattle one saying that the Prophet is for pedophilia and one is against.I only try to report on the truth and the way the video looked itshowed little girls and grown men so how would I know if it is all falseor not.

Now according to our research I know the last part of the video is true from that mans perspective and the first parts are probably falsealthough it could be an attempt to cover up all allegations ofpedophilia.

So right now I want anybody that lives in the area of Gaza to respond to this so we can know whether it is true or not.

I will not respond to censorship requests and I must have proof that the entire video is propaganda before I remove it or add a note sayingthat it is found that the entire video is false but we need moreevidence before we can disprove it.

I will only take down the video if I talk to at least 20 different Gaza citizens, Islam experts, and others that will have to prove to mewhether the information in the video I mirrored is accurate. Once I get aconfirmation that this isn't a cover-up attempt then I will take thevideo down.

I still think that standing up against any faction that wishes to strip our rights away is what free humanity supporters should do.

I will be against any faction that the globalists have set up to take over the planet. I have heard of plenty of examples of Radical Islamtaking over other countries then killing Christians that clearly shouldhave a right to practice their religion. I do not tolerate any religioustakeover and do not tolerate anybody who wishes to take away anypersons rights whether it be men, women, and children.

I will clearly expose anyone who believes it's okay to harm another human being or promotes fascism. I am not the fascist here I will goagainst anybody who threatens Americas rights.

That is my response to the threaten-er. If you cannot accept this as a proper response that I want proof then your probably apart of one ofthe elites factions. I will not censor any truth I find. If I feel that Iand other Americans are threatened in any way I will fight back underself defense.

I will not accept Sharia Law in the United States and will fight it by any peaceful means, and I will resist any law that oppresses anyonein the United States.

I am against the New World Order! I am against World Opressive Religion! I am against any faction that wishes to take our rights away!

This site is about free humanity and any radical faction that wishes to take our rights away is not welcome to use up bandwidth.

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