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The OWS crowd is like a bad dream come back from the 60's.  Smelly camped out hippies from rich families protesting what? they haven't a clew.  Anything and everything, just as long as they can smoke dope and get by on the blood sweat and tears of OTHERS.   This motley crew of hired illegal immigrants holding signs they can't even read, SEIU thugs, union followers and college drop outs have individual messages for social justice.  They have no idea who Che or Mao really were; the millions of innocent lives they snuffed out in the name of communism, yet they don their shirts and signs.  Disgraceful uneducated children driven by selfish union corporations money.  Can you say "Hypocrite"?  


The concept of them representing 99% of Americans is a joke.  They aren't even the (imaginary) 9% unemployed, because those numbers are under inflated.  Since they have nowhere to be and nothing to do besides get high, defecate on public property, destroy and deface private property, and cause general inconvenience and cost to the general public, I think they should be rounded up, hosed down and fumigated, given clean jump suits to wear and some food, and put in holding pens to serve on jury duty, and perform some meaningful tasks to better the public areas, then sent home to their wealthy folks to coddle. 


Another week or so, and mother nature will send them home to their comfy Cambridge and Long Island homes.  They are nothing more than a flash in the pan.  A minor inconvenience.  Ignore them, and they will go away.  Do NOT let them instigate violence and involve the Tea Party.  This has the classic makings of the "Bottom up" portion of Cloward & Piven.  We are smarter than that.  The top has come down.  If we refuse to participate in the violence for the bottom up, there will be no "Inside out."  This is a conservative Christian based nation with a constitution.  If they don't like it, maybe Cuba will welcome them.

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