US President qualification

Why is it that many believe Obama can simply run for a second term? I believe he should be barred from entry to the primaries until he can provide a proper legal birth certificate. The country made one mistake why repeat it. The Constitution is clear, the president must be a native born American.
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  • watch for the Leah Lex reaction to my post
  • I was a victim of twisted words and false accusations from Leah Lex and I survived.
  • Ye well he wasn't very engaging, to say the least, he presented non fact base hypothesis, not even qualified to be theories, but worse in your defense, when peeps insult you or me or anyone else, I really hate when they attempt to do it nicely (it is so Fake and cowardly. If they got something of substance (some reason they are standing on the (rock) they are choosing to stand on then spit it out.In stead of all the (him hawing) around, like when they say "I'm a strong Constitutionalists". hehehe aren't we all, now what interpretation are they supporting??? and more importantly WHY??? Now we can talk positioning. LOL. There is another guy running around here I think he may be from Cair hehehe really, I was racially profiling and I think so!!!
  • Ha ha ha! He he he! by by!
  • Go Leah! HAHAHA, I like something about you many should not discount, you freely speak your mind and you seek to build and protect, not as many are doing today and that is destroy, and look the other way. You are an opinionated American, and a strong Jewish woman.:)
  • Well I guess we should not insult Obama, by demanding proof of origin, how dare we, and what makes anyone think he should have to! If anyone respects this country and the Constitution of the United States should demand it.
    Wonder how many were in this cover up. He has not proved it, that alone is enough to throw him out of office, and much more. Make me laugh intelligent conversation, posting out dated material,HEHEHE!
  • You do make a good point however I am not one that is easily offended. If it were me the document would have been produced by the end of the day. I also agree with you that even if it were produced many would still call foul. There are many close minded individuals in this country and they tend to do more harm than good. My goal with the Tea Party is to stick to the Constitution and argue any law that goes against it.

    I want to thank you as well for having some intelligence. It is a breath of fresh air to actually have a decent conversation.
  • Ethan-In a world of fraud and political corruptness it is hard for Americans these days to put full faith in any government agency. Whether that link is the truth or not is almost a moot point. Most of us simply wonder why it is so hard for President Obama to just show us the document. It is a very simple gesture that will make a huge issue disappear. Because he does not, it leads the rest of us to continue to question his legitimacy as a natural born U.S. citizen.
  • Ethan I guess you don't care if he is really native born or not.
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