US E-voting System Hacked Within 48 Hrs.

US E-voting System Hacked Within 48 Hrs.

We ave to insist that we go to a paper ballots system with electronic counting so we have a paper trail if disputed. 


The US e-voting system is reported to have been hacked within 48 hours of the system going live, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. The researchers wrote in a paper that has now been released,

Within 48 hours of the system going live, we had gained near complete control of the election server. We successfully changed every vote and revealed almost every secret ballot.

The particular system they were working on was an online development that would allow US citizens abroad to vote via a web site rather than mailing in a ballot or using early voting registration.

The American people should demand a cease and desist on electronic voting, both the current system and the “online voting”. This example is just one of many that show the problems with the system.

If computer hackers can get in and manipulate votes, what would stop someone who doesn’t have to hack the system from manipulating votes?

In modern history we’ve had claims of voter fraud and I guess we always will simply because of the nature of man. However the solution is not to create a system that makes cheating easier, but more difficult. My assessment is that the electronic system is the easiest system to manipulate and we see that demonstrated by the University of Michigan’s report.

Furthermore, electronic voting does not leave a paper trail. Sure we had that entire fiasco in Florida with “hanging chads” and such, but at least we had something to see and touch and determine. In an electronic world we should not trust our votes to digital technology.

Our own government’s web sites have been hacked and shut down or redirected. If government cannot even keep its own sites secure are we sure they can keep online voting secure? I think not.

Tim Brown

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  • It is painfully obvious that plans on both sides are well under way to make sure "We the People" do NOT get OUR choice.
  • E-voting permits unscrupulous politicians like Obama, his corrupt regime, and Damnocraps like Rahm "Fish Face" Emmanuel to steal elections right under our noses and create further chaos in our secret ballot election system.  The American people had better wake up before their right to vote is completely stolen from them.  The Battle for Athens, Tennessee, ring a bell, anyone?

  •  Elaine I hope I did'nt screw up by welcoming one to the group? However I know who it is because I did'nt allow anyone else the right time of day when I went to the profiles of each of them I saw a Pattern. Her name was Wendy Tai please be aware of this okay?

  • I still remember some dude from Florida that worked for the company that built some of the voting machines admitted he had taught  someone from a political party how to rig the machines to register for who ever they wanted. Don't know if he was truthful though nothing would surprise anyone.  Paul, Sarah, and M. Bachman are the only ones I'd trust -- oh Mr.D from Tennessee also.

  • When I was in the Philippines for 4 years, 8-84, I had to make sure that the ballot was postmarked a week before the election but not more then 45 days.  I NEVER missed either a local or national.  Think that computers should be taken out of the picture all together.  Old fashioned close the screen type AND dipping the pinkie in like they do in the middle east sounds pretty good too.





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    Then CALL THEM! every day 'till they rectify the situation.


    Post it every where.

  • Yes both of them are guilty of it, both of them are soliciting funds from foreign dignataries then moving it off shore.Just saw an add $3 dollars will buy Obamas' love.

  • All of Romneys millions are hid in off shore bank accounts and if I'm not mistaken he still hasn't released his tax returns after he was ask to. No one is brave enough yet or maybe waiting to later date.

  • Exactly and he and the media are pushing for Romney to be the nominee because he will walk all over him in the debates and the election. Obama doesn't want to debate Newt or if Allen West should be the nominee. Yes Romney is just like Obama I really don't think he stands a chance in the debates or the Gen. Elec. Even in Obamas campaigning he is attacking Romney as if he were the Republican nominee already.

  • @Elaine    yes he is the only one with enough guts to stand up and the other one is Congressman Allen West. But of course there may be some disagree with this. The main thing is that we have got to get Obama and his cronies out of our house come Nov.

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