****Urgent Emergency Warning to Patriots****

*****WARNING****This just in from our on-the-ground operatives at the United Tea Party Alliance – We have received word that an all out assault is imminent as Fascist-Progressive forces have begun using the agencies of the American federal government, including the NSA, IRS, Commerce Department, ATF and all other resources at their disposal, including our now militarized police force, to crush the Tea Party Patriot Freedom Movement.

19:14 December 31st 2013 AD.

Hello fellow Patriots, we are sad to report that the GOP leadership has now officially aligned itself with the Regime and are fully supporting their goal of overthrowing our Constitutional Republic and furthering government control of our lives, freedoms and wealth.

The Fascists-Progressives who infiltrated the Republican Party have now fully revealed themselves and have already nearly succeeded in their goal of taking over the party and are now fully and openly siding with the Regime and their goal of purging members of the Tea Party Freedom Movement from government. They now control the three branches of government and as of this very moment the traitors in the House of Representatives are implementing an announced and well planned surge, using government agencies, to purge the Republican party of Tea Party Patriots for good.

Across our great country Fascist-Progressives have stolen elections for years by fraud and have successfully undermined and discredited our election process, faith in our government and respect for rule of law…and they are now firmly in control.

Fascist-Progressives devastated the economy by stifling ambition and crushing businesses with taxes and regulation and by printing trillions, of soon to be useless, dollars. They have further enslaved the population with government hand-outs given out by those who have seized power illegally and who now control the flow of resources needed by the masses to survive and indeed the majority of our populace is now being blackmailed by their political leaders into voting Fascist-Progressives back in office by using the threat of removing government food, medical and income support from which they now literally solely rely upon to survive.

By ignoring our immigration laws the Fascist-Progressives have successfully imported enough voters to secure their hold on power and control for decades to come. Through blatant lies, propaganda, vilification and government agency intimidation, the Fascist-Progressives have successfully changed our Country from a nation of self-sufficient Peoples into class of people literally dependent on government for their very survival. We have come a long way from the nation we were which had achieved so much through entrepreneurial self-sufficiency and who raised more people out of poverty than any other nation in the history of the world.

Our Republic is now under full-scale assault and we fear the overthrow of our Constitutional government is near and may be all but certain.

*****WARNING****An all out assault is imminent as Fascist-Progressives and corrupted agencies of this government have begun their attacks using the NSA, IRS, Commerce Department, ATF and all other resources at their disposal, including our now militarized police force, to crush our Freedom Movement.

In 2014 we will be vilified, our social media websites will be shut down, we will be audited, bankrupted and probably imprisoned, as The Bill of Rights has now been fully cast aside and discredited by the Fascist-Progressives. The faith in our Republic and its rule of law has successfully been undermined to the point of being flagrantly disregard by members of the Regime and its supporters with impunity.

The counter-insurgency, led by our fellow Patriots in the Senate, has successfully stood up to this Regime in the past but you can expect them to be vilified and persecuted by the legal system in 2014 now that the traitors in the House of Representatives have fully revealed themselves and their intentions to use all means at their disposal to crush us are clear.

If we do not act now America will look like the Fascist-Progressives experiment known as Detroit in a few short years or maybe months. ObamaCare will destroy our economy by bankrupting small businesses who can no longer compete against foreign competition due to crushing government regulation and costs along with confiscatory and illegal taxes.

The GOP is weak and incapable of fooling the American public any longer and when the effects of massive inflation, brought on by spending $85 billion dollars a month, start taking place, the true intent of the Regime and its co-conspirators of destroying our government and seizing unchecked power will become apparent. The American public will ultimately rise to support a return to very-limited government and personal freedoms but by then it will be too late. Americans  will be incapable of fighting back against the Fascist-Progressive who control the NSA, IRS and ATF.

The GOP has become a sad embarrassment incapable of distinguishing itself from the Fascist-Progressives. The latest example is the passing of a budget that does nothing but raise the debt and cut unemployment benefits for our desperate citizens who cannot find jobs because there aren’t any jobs to be found and by cutting the retirement pay for our great military retirees. All that in addition to the failure to stand up and defeat Obama”Care” which will create a massive financial burden on our poor and elderly.

Now is the time to stand up and launch a final desperate counter-assault on the GOP “leadership”!!

This message serves as a call to action for the hundreds of Tea Party Patriot sleeper cells across the World.

We are calling on our fellow Patriots to use the following tactics until the “leadership” in the House of Representatives has been replaced in the 2014 mid-term election:

1. Shut down the HeatlthCare.Gov website by overwhelming the system twice a day at 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

The ObamaCare act was illegally passed and implemented and we will not allow our citizens to die on the streets broke and sick like in Detroit, nor will we allow or our businesses to be crushed by this disastrous socialist program which is destroying: our medical industry, the personal saving of our already desperate senior citizens, the poor and mom and pop businesses while and denying American Citizens the right to choose their doctor and make their own medical decisions.

2. Immediately move to get a Tea Party Patriot Candidate on the ballot in the upcoming mid-term election. We are calling on the leaders of the Tea Party groups to organize with their members and support candidates who agree with the following:

A. ObamaCare must be fully repealed.
B. Implementing Term Limits.
C. Implementing a Flat-Tax.
D. Implementing a Balanced Budget amendment.

These simple acts will do more to fixing our Country and putting people to work than any massive stimulus package could ever accomplish… but we must move very quickly to get our candidates on the ballot.

3. We agree to never vote for a Republican candidate who does not support 2a, b, c and d but instead will vote for the opposition party. We will stand on principle and would rather see the opposition win an election than elect another Fascist-Progressive in Republican clothing. #DontBelieveTheirLies

4. Will will cease all donations to the Republican party immediately. #DefundTheGOP.

5. We will boycott any business that moves against the Tea Party Movement and call upon the Oath Keepers to ensure we are not unjustly persecuted by armed government forces.

6. We will share our message of hope via social media and pray that we can save our Country for our children’s sake and for the sake of the World.

If the Fascist-Progressives take over America the world will have lost its last great hope for Liberty and Freedom.

Stand with us now Patriots and let us unite our movement and complete our mission to take back America.

Matthew Ashworth
Founder of The Untied Tea Party Alliance
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  • Either we all here can stand up and fight for Restoration of the US Constitution, or the regime will overcome the US with a great cloud of darkness and despair never ever seen befor in the HISTORY OF THIS WORLD!  Quash the evil, quash it now!

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