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  • The Media appears to be neutralizing Romney by pumping up poll results showing Newt Gingrich surging off the charts. Is the media once again going to cleverly select the wrong Republican candidate to face Commie Obama? Lets examime.

    (1). While Gingrich no doubt can out debate Obama, can he do so in a non-acerbic way and not come off negative? (2). Newt carries high moral baggage of 3 marriages with no children resulting out of any of these marriages. What man is married 3 times and has no children?? (3). While Romney has been given the ineviable crown of flip-flopper, ole Newt has been all over the board as well. So-called flip-flopping can also show signs of intellectual maturity and/or enlightenment. Einstein flip flopped quite regularly on his various theories before coming up with valid theories. (3). A candidate must be really likable to inspire massive Republican turnout. Almost all of the candidates have a high likability factor with Bachmann, Romney, and Perry probably heading the list. (4) Newt comes off as a professorial type of man, and we already have a pseudo professor type in the Whitehouse now. (5) Newt collected 1.6 million dollars "advising" freddie Mac". I guess his input wasn't very persuasive! (6) Mitt Romney has a personal net worth of between 150-200 million dollars and is probably highly unlikely to be involved in legislation to enhance his net worth and/or be financially corrupt. Michele Bachman also is a person of high personal integrity, with no moral baggage or ugly divorces on her personal resume.

    In Sum, the objective is to get Commie/Leninist Obama evicted from the Whitehouse in 2012, so whomever the Republican candidate turns out to be we must support that person to the fullest weather or not we agree 100% with that person, as all of the candidates are REAL Americans and have a real Americana identity. Conversely, Obama's entire life reeks of a Marxist/Leninist identification.   







  • Like Lisa marcelletti has mentioned, Marco Rubio has stated he would prefer to spend time with his children this time around. However, JFK had 2 very young kids in the White House. If Obama is not beaten in 2012 there will be no 'next time around' for Rubio or any other Repub, as Illegals will send the Democrat voting base close to or over the 50%. Sen. Rubio will have to decide to put his country first because of how high the stakes are in the 2012 election. Obama would be eaten up by Rubio in the debates, and Obama knows it.


    Any rumors about Rubio not being a natural born citizen would be avoided by Democrats as it would stir up questions about Obama at the same time. Paul Ryan might also have to re-think about running. There are no other pure conservatives who could also make mincemeat out of Obama in the debates, except M. Bachmann who would not be on the top of any ticket. Obama will have more money than any other Repub candidate. We are left with the question if Rubio can't be talked into running for the good of the country, then is there a strong enough dark horse out there? Lets hope so! Regardless of any flaw a Repub candidate might have, at least all of them are all pro-Americans and pro-capitialism.  Trump, who forced Obama's hand and has signed a contract to run his TV show has shown what is needed to expose Obama, who will continue to ravage our Military the way Jimmy Carter did.     

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