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Not sure if anyone else is receiving unwanted invites using the teaparty.org site, but I have received two today requesting my friendship with a yahoo address, yet when you go to the teaparty.org site, these people do not exist.  Their English is questionable, as well.
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  • Comment by CJ 43 seconds ago
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    solicting for a "friendship" for me is spamming and I continually get these from this site.  Seems like a un wanted dating service.

    I've reported it and still get them

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  • We delete them as quick as we discover they have been soliciting.  That is why it seems they do not exist.  We will not always catch them and with your notifications we can deal with it.

    Lets not forget we are a target for every liberal in America. As these political spammers are discovered, they are immediately deleted. Unless all freedom to post is take away we will have this problem. 99% of the Patriots on our site are good people with something to say. It is always the bad few who try to ruin it for all of us. If you see some spam or negative postings then report it. Don't just complain about it, be proactive.

    Send the link to the administrator of the location of the spam and the spammer will deleted.

    This is your site, protect it.

    Please remember we have many sites, well over 1.5 million members and still expanding.

    Thx for your Patriotism.


  • Yes Sharon we all get them and I am sure that you will see this site especially littered with what is supposedly members but in fact are only using this site to send volumes of spam that promotes their trashy goods.
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