Unmistakable Patterns of Deceit

New Jobless claims hit the 382,000 mark as once again, more Americans filed jobless claims than was 4063581573?profile=originaloriginally forecast.  It was revealed that six million middle class voters, more than first estimated, will be hit by the tax penalty for not getting insurance under Obamacare.  When the new regulations in Obamacare are added to existing federal regulations, American taxpayer and business costs will increase by $1.8 trillion annually, a number that exceeds the original estimates proffered by the Obama the administration by a factor of twenty.  That means twenty times the original estimates is the correct answer.

Beginning to see the pattern there?

When asked in 1995 to explain his vision of democracy, Obama said:

“I think that recapturing the spirit that existed not just in the civil-rights movement but in the union organizing movement, in the populous movement. I think there is a running thread; one of the better angels of our nature in this country which has been the notion that, you know, we can sit around the table and find common ground and make democracy work in the way that it should be working.  It’s not popular right now to say that, and to believe in sort of a common good, but I think that notions of a common good are the glue that hold our society together and make democracy possible.”

When Obama was asked if he is “willing to stake your political career on your common ground?” he replied “That’s the core of my faith.”


Is it for the “common good” that the administration and its media lapdog puppets have lied to the American public about unemployment numbers, and the impact and costs of federal regulations, including the much ballyhooed Obamacare?

Beginning to see the pattern there?

4063581530?profile=originalThe U.S. Embassy in Pakistan is under siege.  Protests in Indonesia have forced the American consulate to shut down for a second consecutive day.  In Afghanistan, hundreds have taken to the street chanting anti-American slogans.  In Iran, equal numbers are chanting “Down with the U.S.”

The Prime Minister in Iraq has condemned the United States for an obscure anti-Islamist video trailer posted on YouTube.  The very same video the Obama administration made great efforts to solely blame for what they described as “spontaneous” protests in the Islamist world.  That would be multiple voices at the highest levels of the Executive Branch…for days.

Now it has been revealed by witnesses "that there was never an anti-American protest outside of the consulate [in Benghazi, Libya]. Instead, they say, it came under planned attack. That is in direct contradiction to the administration's account of the incident."


It seems an either dishonest or an inept administration misled the public about Libya.

Beginning to see the pattern there?

What gets reported by the “mainstream media”?  The same media found culpable of intentionally misleading the public on important policy matters that affect all Americans?

Thursday morning September 20, 2012 the top headline on Yahoo News: Pawlenty quits as Romney campaign co-chair.

The subtext under that headline: The move came with Romney's campaign struggling with just seven weeks before election-day.

This is a case in point that clearly illustrates unmistakable bias against GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

The article opens by stating that “Tim Pawlenty quit as co-chair of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign on 4063581620?profile=originalThursday to become one of Wall Street's top lobbyists in Washington. Pawlenty, a former governor of Minnesota, will lead the Financial Services Roundtable.”

Notice the phrase “quit as co-chair”.  Why was it not: “resigned as co-chair”?  Note that the article ensures that in the very first paragraph readers are told that the quitter Pawlenty is going to “become one of Wall Street's top lobbyists in Washington.”

How, exactly, do Oliver Knox and Yahoo News know that Pawlenty will “become one of Wall Street's top lobbyists in Washington”?

If Olivier Knox and Yahoo News are truly so proficient at forecasting the future, why are they not using this supernatural power to clue America in on how to solve its myriad of problems at home and abroad?

Of course, since they do not actually possess such abilities, this “ensure Obama gets re-elected at all costs (even costs to whatever remnants of journalistic integrity remain in America)” hit piece is reduced to further efforts to diminish the GOP through hyping the already failed “progressive” spin that “Romney's campaign has been grappling with a video showing him seemingly writing off Obama supporters as having a "victim" mindset and being reliant on government handouts.”


Beginning to see the pattern there?

Unfortunately for Oliver Knox, Yahoo News and their cohorts within the “progressive” Party Pravda, a CNBC Poll shows that 75 percent of Americans agree with Romney's 47 percent comments.

Obama, “progressives” and their minions within their Pravda lie through their teeth about the true nature, scope and reach of Obama’s failure.  Americans see through their lies.

Beginning to see the pattern there?

Much to their dismay, after November 6, 2012, Obama, “progressives” and their minions within the “progressive” Party Pravda will.


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  • I thought when Obama started his dictatorship that certainly the lawmakers would put a stop to this.  But, no, they have not done so.  Reading about how they felt about Hillary and her attempt to get to them in agreeing to the apology tour was disgusting.  This is just a preview of what he will do if he is re-elected.  My God how could any man even think of changing our flag.  Mad, hell yes we are mad.  He cannot continue to give them fuel by saying we are sorry.  It only builds their stance that they are finally getting the Americans to bow.  Not this lady, never and I am sure not any of you.

  • Reply links?

  • It is like McNaughton Art.

  • How about we all please try to stay on topic?  The topic is not how people choose to spell God.

  • Everyone is correcting me or educating me on Jewish tradition of when writing or speaking of God... So be it... How does one pronounce (speak) God without the o???... Is it a just a sound that is non-discernible?

  • thanks obama...your freakin muslim outreach-apology program just sucks so bad...and i hope you and your 47 percenters get blasted out of your gawd damn empty chair this november...because no matter how hard you and your friggin socialist try to eliminate us...we will not go away...so gawd bless a friggin america or whats left of it...because obama.....you just freakun suck...you just suck.





    ----------  " WE THE PEO[LE "  MUST KICK HIM OUT OF AMERICA . -------

  • Greetings: Obama constantly repeats every "point" he wants to make. This is obviously brain washing tactics. The prejudice media doing likewise. This is the Dems tactical  plan to drive home commi ideas. They do not get it that thier followers are brainless. They are the living dead. This is exactly  Obama intentions. He is a megalomaniac and thinks he is the smartest man in the world. The terrorists are calling his bluff and he has been exposed. He uses his power to make promises to his brethern. It is blatantly obvious what they think of anyone who is not muslim. Obama is an insolent excuse for a human. He will destroy Freedom. He likes his freedom but he wants to take ours. God will deal with all heathens including terrorists and Obama. I am appalled at the lack of recognition for the US soldierd murdered by the Afghans they were training. The admin made a BIG deal about The Ambassador of Lybia being killed BUT no formal recognition for those loyal soldiers. They do deserve a medal after all, the bum in the WH sent them there to help the very people that murdered them.Those Muslims are guilty nof premeditated murder. Obama is the one who ushered in the muslim brotherhood so he directly contributed to those 4 American deaths. It is time for Obama to go  head first or feet first !

  • David, The Jews leave out the O on G-d because of respect for the name.  It is a common practice with the Jewish people when speaking or writing about God.

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