United Communist States of America

Have you or anyone you know ever seen as much corruption and un-american activity in this country?  In the interest of political correctness, our country is being subverted by the lawless.

No one I know wants Sharia law here.  It is cruel and inhuman.  Even animals don't treat others the way Muslims treat their families.  Women are treated as property instead of human beings with rights.

Our education system is being dictated by the federal government.  The administration we have is showing that they are not interested in justice.  They have an agenda which seems to include indoctrinating children to political correctness and to making students believe whatever the government says. This isn't the democratic way.  We should teach our children to examine what is presented to them for the truth.

Our freedom of speech is threatened by a government which uses the most cutting edge technology to spy on us daily.  Some senators are trying to revoke the first amendment right of citizens to have free speech.  They are signing their name to such legislation.  How can this be happening is our country?

Our veterans are disrespected and abused at the VA hospitals.  It's difficult to understand how this is happening.  I am a veteran and never expected to see this.  After defending our freedoms from communist and tyrannical dictators, it is not easy to see this kind of government in D.C.

Also we are being indoctrinated that we are to be ashamed if we are not of color. All problems and evil is said to be from white people.  This is racism.  When Hitler was defeated, we thought it was the end of this kind of hate.  Obviously, our present administration wants to resurrect this type of behavior.

I hope you agree with me that we won't tolerate this in America.  No matter what your political label, let's work to restore tolerance and freedom in our nation.

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