Unemployment Insurance

It is time for the Republicans to stop reacting to failed Democratic positions on policy and become proactive in all matters.  Take for instance the debate regarding extending the Federal Unemployment Insurance Program.  The Republicans once again are merely reacting to the talking points of the Democrats.  When will they learn to be proactive.  Here is an easy solution that most Americans will understand and may actually bring a small level of respect back to the Republican Party should they have the manhood to even propose a creative and intellectually consistent idea for once this decade. 

1.         Acknowledge in the Bill authorizing the extension of Unemployment Insurance that the program is an insurance program which must be fully funded and is not an entitlement.

 2.         That the program can be fully funded without either increasing the current fiscal year deficit or the total Federal debt by merely reducing the budgets of all Federal Programs by the amount of the waste and abuse found by Mr. Tom Coburn and published in his annual Report. 

 3.         That the amount of unemployment insurance benefit be changed to reflect a decreasing amount of benefit of 25% for each 6 month period of time after the first year of insurance benefits resulting in zero insurance benefit after 3 years of unemployment.

 In addition, the amount of waste and abuse found in Mr. Coburn's report should be added up by department and legislation should be passed that require the suspension of any and all bonuses and raises for all employees in any department whose level of waste and abuse equals 1% or more of their budget.

 This issue is just another situation where the Republican Party has the opportunity to succeed or fail in their intellectual war for the future of this country with the progressives.

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